Anybody had blood blisters on pitching hand before?

Yesterday around the 5th inning, I noticed that something was getting discolored around my middle finger. I threw through the 6th and due to my not being stupid, I knew it was a blood blister. It’s on the fleshy part of my middle finger, right where you grip the ball with. My question to those who have had it (or know about it) is: Is it possible to effectively play through the blister?

I’m in the outfield on the days I don’t pitch, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get accuracy on my throws. My coach (former ballplayer who oddly enough is now the band director at the University of Minnesota) advised against it, saying his doctor bitched him out for 10 minutes when he popped one back when. It doesn’t hurt or anything, it’s just kinda gross to look at. The worst that can happen by me playing with it is running the risk of it popping, right? Everything online says to avoid putting pressure on the affected spot and letting it heal on its own, which seems logical to me. I should add that I’ve been pitching for five years and nothing like this has ever happened, which is why it’s odd that it decides to pop up now.

Anyway, if anybody has any thoughts on the issue, it’d be great. thanks.

I had em very often, I dont know why…but now it hasnt happend to me as often.

JR, I guess your fingers just toughened up.
I for one never had blisters of any kind, but I recall what happened in one game many years ago. I was sitting in the dugout, watching my team get off to a 6-0 lead, and then in the sixth inning the opposition got one of those runs back—and I noticed that our starting pitcher seemed to be having some trouble. So I informed our manager that I was going to warm up just in case. I did—and in the top of the seventh inning the other team got to our starter and cut our lead from 6-1 to 6-4, and the poor fish was really having trouble. When our manager signaled to me was I ready, I replied that I was, and I came into the game. When I reached the mound we quickly discovered that Pete—our starter—had developed a very nasty blood blister on his pitching hand and could not get any kind of grip on the ball—so he would have to leave the game.
I took the ball from him and said “Relax—I’ll get us out of this jam.”

The jam consisted of bases loaded, one out, and the other team was sending up a pinchhitter who would stay in the game and play second base. I struck the guy out on three pitches, the next batter on four, and I went on to pitch two more scoreless innings. Poor Pete had to miss his next two starts while that blister was attended to.
So. If you have a blister, especially a blood blister, don’t try to pitch through it. You might end up with something worse. Let it heal. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just got one this past week pitching, and I popped the blood out, because my middle finger had a blister and it was big.

I get these on occasion, right underneath the side of the end of my middle finger’s nail. The simple solution is to:

  1. put a needle through the edge and let the blood go out.
  2. Either leave it alone for a day or two, or apply a little bit of rubbing alcohol to it to dry out the blister.
  3. It should eventually dry out and become a callus, and it wont become a blister again. (or at least shouldn’t) :roll:


  1. put a needle through the edge and let the blood go out.[/quote]
    Thats exactly what I do

Never blood blisters, but at a very young age I had a blister on the end of my middle finger. Eventually it turned into a callus (sp?) which toughens up to this day whenever I start throwing on a daily basis.

Also, recently I constant friction peeled some skin off the side of the middle knuckle on my ring finger. I couldn’t throw any more that day as it stung unbelievably bad. The next day I threw a bandaid over it and I could throw again.

Hopefully if this happens during tryouts (or fall ball practice where I will need to be impressing coaches), I will have a bandaid ready so I can continue to do my thing!

that sounds all too familiar to me, I think that it happens because that’s your power finger to begin with and the ball will come off it everytime you throw a pitch so your nail would be digging into the meaty part of your finger.