Anybody grip like this?

I’ve noticed that Greg Maddux has his thumb bent on all if his grips. I’ve tried this, and it is really weird and uncomfortable. Do any of you do this, or know how he does this (besides him being Greg Maddux/ the professor)?

Yeah this is kind of how I grip my fastball with the thumb. Maby not to that much of an extreme. When i was younger I hated holding it like that I even hated holding my thumb under the ball but now it feels normal and thats how I grip it.

any benefits?

From what I heard it’s just personal preference.

the bent thumb under the ball like maddux does helps with the movement on the sinker or 2 seamer.

Yea thats what I was thinking, it probably minimizes the drag and friction the ball has to deal with on release, maximizing the amount of rotation that gets tailing action