Anybody ever been rezoned to a different HS?

Next year I’ll be a junior - I am currently on my HS baseball team - but it appears that I might be rezoned (it doesn’t look like upper classman will be exempt from having to change schools). I want to keep playing ball at the new school - but worry since I would be coming from a competing school. Anyone with any experience with such a crappy situation. We are being rezoned for what the newspaper calls “socio-economic” balancing and to relieve overcrowding - the situation stinks.

I don’t see why they wouldn’t let you play on their team if you have the talent…

That’s like saying, ‘No Manny Ramirez you can’t play for our team because you competed against us.’

In the area where i am at (Nevada) the school district will allow you to go to a school that your not zone for by getting a special zoning pass thing (i cant remember what they are called). Is that allowed where you live

Where I live that’s called a “variance”.

The school I go to has ways to get around it. If you get into a “academy” (like culinary, medical, business management, or like engineering) you can stay at the school. Don’t know if it work for other schools