Any to calm the nerves

High school tryouts are next wednesday and and I am a coming up freshman trying to make the team. I have been working my butt off ever since our season ended. Our middle school coach hinted to me the the high school coach is looking at me for strictly a pitcher. I am still worried and know to much nerves will screw with me, any ideas on how to calm yourself down before a day such as this.

I have an anxiety disorder, and I’ve had problems like this all the time. I received this advice recently to try and calm down.

Your brain can only concentrate on one thing at a time. So the key is to take the focus away from your problem -being psyched out- and on to something else.

First thing to do, is to close your eyes, stand or sit still, and take a few deep breaths. Listen to your breathing, and concentrate on it.

If you’re still anxious, then try solving math problems in your head. It’ll take your focus away. Do your times tables.

I’ve been doing the alphabet thing lately, where I link the alphabet with a current pitcher’s last name. Bronson Arroyo, Eric Bedard, etc…If you get to Z, then start again, but with a position player, or a hall of famer. It helps calm me down, especially at about the letter E.

High School tryouts??? Where in the heck are you???

Honestly any youth coach that is saying that they “know” or “hinted” that they know what the high school coach is coach is looking for is just playing make believe.

Honestly, go with the idea that you are the perfect player for them and that you are just the player they are looking for. Never say to the coach, “My other team”, “my other coach”, or “that’s not the way we did it before”. Just do what they want you to do, make the adjustments that they want and be the best you can be.

Did not make it

Sorry to hear you didn’t make the team. Try to remember at your age you are about to go thru alot of physical changes. 1 year can make a huge difference in strength and speed. When I was a freshman I didn’t make the varsity track team, as a sophmore I not only made the team but I qulified for the state meet in 3 events. I know its not baseball but I’m just trying to show what 1 year of growth can do. Keep your head up and play on young man. :wink:

Austin sorry to hear that, well now you have 1 year to get to the next one!!! Upload video for us to critique and help you there, how is your training program going? What are you doing for your cardio etc…do you have another summer team to try out for?

Sorry to hear that, A thing I do to calm my nerves is think of something funny, before you play, and you mind eventually goes blank. Thinking will kill you in baseball.

I have till february for the next tryouts so there is still a very slim chance to make the team as a freashman considering he is only taking two at most. I am going to see a travel ball team monday and hopefully make that. I am going to work with the APSU’s pitching coach over the summer after I met him last year at a baseball camp and said that he wanted to work with me. I will also work with the assistant high school coach who is a lefty pitcher and has already helped me out with my knuckle curve and change up(although not enough apperentally). My summer workout program will consist of the workout that the assistant coach did when he went to Austin peay. With any luck this will be enough to make the team in about 7 months and play the regular season.

Some time ago I read an article about Mariano Rivera, the Yankees’ great closer, and I couldn’t help thinking about something he does before he comes into a game. Before he even starts to warm up, he takes a few moments to get himself into a mindset that he calls “the eye of the tiger”—a quiet but very intense focus in which nothing exists for him except getting the batters out. He takes that focus to the mound with him, and that’s all there is for him—getting the batters out. I don’t know exactly how he does it, but you might try something like that. 8)

Ryan Madson (who in 2010 couldn’t even pitch in the 9th inning because he was so jumpy) talked to a sports Phyc. about how to calm down. His routine is to listen to his favorite music before a game. (as most MLB players do). Right before he pitches he closes his eyes, blocks out the sound, and just clears his mind. ( It’s basically meditating) and now Charlie is thinking about keeping Madson as his closer until Lidge gets back…and maybe even when Lidge gets back.

Maybe that can help

BTW Rivera does something close to that but his is a little different.