Any Tips

[b][i] Hey my names Chad Egeland im new to this and since there are some good people on this site i was just wondering if you guys could help me with anything, im 15. 150 lb, 5/10, i pitch over the top i have a 12-6 curve but i can never get it to work in games , i have a pretty good slider but i also cant get comfortable with it, i try and throw a 2 seam but it never moves lol, i have a good change up its something i worked on in little league, i was pulled up as a freshman to pitch for varsity, i played legion as a freshman, i played babe ruth as a 15 year old and i averaged 15 k’s a game, but i had on and off days with my curve and slider, if anyone has any advice on how i could stay consistent id really appreciate it and itd help me with my h/s career

Also, is it good to ice 15 mins ( shoulder, bicep, elbow) the day before i pitch, a few hours befor i pitch, and the night after ive pitched? i feel fine but i dont know if its bad, and whats a good routine?

Well if you guys could help me at all id appreciate it again [/i][/b]

you should ice your arm after you get done pitching… 15 on 15 off each 3 times. If you can get your curve and slider to work while just playing pass or just with you and the catcher but not in a game then it means you need to think like you do whiler playing pass during a game…

Im not sure about icing the night before but I do now you shouldnt ice the day of the start.

yea… if you ice the day of your game then it will mess your arm up…because icing it will rest your arm… if you just get it rested then right after that use it… the result can only be bad

For what it’s worth.

Howatson, G., van Someren, D. A., Hortobagyi, T. (2006). Ice massage does not attenuate reductions in muscle function following maximal lengthening contractions. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 38(5),

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“Ice massage is a commonly used method of cryotherapy in the treatment of muscle soreness after exercise; however the empirical evidence that supports its use is somewhat limited and equivocal”. This investigation examined the efficacy of ice massage for reducing markers of muscle damage and soreness following maximal lengthening contractions. Male subjects (N = 12) were randomly assigned to an ice massage or placebo treatment. The protocol was designed to induce muscle damage to the forearm flexors using an isokinetic dynamometer and consisted of 3 x 10 sets of maximal lengthening contractions at 30°/s. Treatments were administered immediately post-exercise and at 24 and 48 hours post-exercise. The ice massage consisted of a 15-minute treatment and the placebo was a five-minute sham ultrasound treatment. Variables monitored were creatine kinase, delayed onset muscle soreness, limb girth, maximal voluntary isometric torque and maximal voluntary isokinetic torque at 60°/s and 210°/s. Measurements were taken pre-exercise, immediately after, and at 24, 48, 72, and 96 hours post-exercise (but before the post-exercise 24 and 48 hours treatments with ice).

A significant time main effect for all six variables indicated the occurrence of muscle damage. Of these six variables, only creatine kinase showed a significant treatment x time interaction with lower levels at 96 hours after ice massage compared with the placebo.

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For your slider and curve. Just practice it. and keep at it in games and such. The reason you have good success with your change up is because you’ve used it since little league. You grew up with it.Same holds true for your slider and curve. The more you use it the more comfortable you’ll feel with it.

Just kinda curious, how hard do you throw? If you can average 15 k’s as a freshman, you must bring it since you arent comfortable in throwing your offspeed pitches.