Any Tips To Help My Pitching?

Gday Guys, Im 18 years Old and Hail From The Great Country of Australia. In The past Months i’ve been really getting into Baseball, and after always being labelled a good arm in cricket i decided to i want to play baseball next year or around then. I’ve Been trying to copy the Mechanics of the pitchers in America, and i want to know what you guys think. Im about 6ft 4, but pretty skinny, so im thinking i might be able to gain a few extra miles if i bulk up a bit. anyway here are some videos.

Sorry No Mound.

Back View

Side View

Front View Coming Soon

hello, side view would be better. but from what i can see you aren’t using your lower body, hip/legs enough.

what did the ball hit? that was a really loud noise. i loled

Nice dog.

Try using a less blurry camera, and side/back views. :oops:

You CANNOT make a good judgement from this video. Oh let me count the ways…

  1. You are not pitching from a mound. Pitching from a mound changes some things.

  2. You are not wearing a glove. The glove is an important part of shifting you weight and is definetely neccesary.

  3. You’re rushing. You look like you walking your dog and decide to throw the ball into the garage (it just happens you use a windup :).

Overall, I would try to get another video with better conditions, so we can judge you more accurately.


Your arm action looks a little weird and I catch something funny when I watch it. However, I’m not a “mechanics” guy so I can’t really critique it.

Your size and strength will serve you well in the game, in addition to your desire to learn a very difficult ART – PITCHING. Since you’re new to the sport and have the will to accept suggestions, I strongly recommend that you attend baseball games and do the following:
 Watch those playing the game and don’t be shy about asking “what’s going on?”
 Once your familiar with the team or teams, watch the coaching styles of those in charge of the clubs strategy – who they put up to bat first, who is selected to pitch, what is the quality of the catcher or catchers, what kind of field are these clubs playing on with respect to quality?
 Try to watch the same team or teams so you get familiar with at least one level of competition. There are many levels of competition based on player’s experience, age, types of organizations –youth/junior/senior and so forth.
 And finally and most important, start talking to the youngsters that are playing the game. Get to know the coaches and tell them what you mentioned here. The baseball community is made up of some terrific people who all have the same thing in common — baseball. You’ll be surprised at the number of youngsters your age and adult coaches that will be more that willing to help you enjoy the game and learn the pitcher’s position. A CLUB CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH PITCHERS!!!
Coach B.

It’s interesting to see how much and how quickly forward momentum can be generated by a cricket bowler!
IMO, that’s the best thing you have going for you.

Remember, in American baseball you need to start with your foot on the rubber. No steps allowed when leading up to the rubber as in cricket.
So, start balanced in a stable, comfortable position and proceed with delivery. This will feel funny for awhile.

I’d suggest getting that down and redo the video and submit it.

Just my opinion;


first things first. back up about 20 feet from your target and place a 7 ft piece of tape toward what you are throwing at. place the ball of your pitching arm foot (your right foot on the back end of the tape farthest from the target) and then stride as close as your can to the end of the tape closest to the target when you throw. with a 6’4" frame you could become pretty special if you can get it all moving toward the plate before you throw.

try that and send another video when you think you have that down. then we can add something else. you clearly need to lengthen the stride toward the target first. sometimes this fixes 80% of a pitcher’s problems. very impressive first effort.