Any tips to delay shoulder rotation?

Any tips to delay shoulder rotation? And to also increase hip/ shoulder separation

Just do it!! It’s also a matter of timing of the action of the throwing arm (along with the glove side, of course). You need to practice this in context. Don’t waste your time doing endless drills that focus on one component of the delivery. Put it into the proper context of throwing the ball.

Your mind has to be able to handle the challenge of having the upper body and arms doing one thing while the lower body does another.

Practice in context!!!

I’m a RHP, and the way I learned to do it was to focus on keeping my glove pointing at (or to the right of) the target for as long as possible while my hips were opening up underneath my shoulders. The longer you can keep your glove (or just your glove-side elbow) pointed toward the target after your glove-side foot lands, the greater the stretch you will get.

It helps me to hold my glove high, at about mouth/chin level when I break my hands after reaching the top of my leg lift …

I think I’m more able to resist having my front shoulder fly open if I have my elbow no lower than my shoulder level during my stride…

I’m not sure if physics proves this, but I think this is advantagoeous as far as muslces and leverage goes regarding delaying shoulder rotation … which, by the way, is an absolute b***h.

Another thing that helps is to really be loose with my throwing arm when I take it back … really try not to be stiff or short with it taking it back because that will speed up the need to bring it forward, thereby speeding up the timing of shoulder rotation

turn your upper body with your elbows instead of your shoulders. Bring front shoulder down and in and lead to the target with your throwing elbow. This will also help you to keep your eyes on the target.

interesting, I never thought of the idea of turn with your elbows … but I think I know what you mean …that’s a good way to think about it, keeping a heightened mental consciousness of your elbows … I think that thinking this way helps with balance … of course, what goes on in your head during the delivery is a very subjective topic.