Any suggestions here guys

Here are some from the stretch and wind up. He plays 10U thanks

I think he needs to lengthen the stide a little more and a better finish follow through but with crappy weather mound time is tough

The first two things to work on are posture and glove.

Posture: He has a late posture shift - he tilts as he goes into shoulder rotation. This directs energy away from the target and it leads to early shoulder rotation. Get him to keep his head upright.

Glove: While he does stabilize the glove after he extends it out front, he does so rather low and to the side (i.e. outside of his body). Also, he may be pulling the glove which can lead to early shoulder rotation. But the camera angle makes is hard to tell for sure. Get him to stabilize the glove somewhere in from of his torso.

Note that either of the above issues could be cause and the other effect. This is always the hard part about assessing mechanics. I’d be inclined to work on posture first and see if that cleans up the glove.

After working on posture and glove, then next step would be to work on getting the hips moving forward a tiny bit sooner and faster. This, along with the above two items, will enable a longer stride.

very good arm swing
you do not have to worry about any problem of your arm swing issue

for the rest of the mechanics
such as longer stride ,etc

dont worry too mcuh, just enjoy baseball first