Any Suggestions for my 9 yo Brother?

He pitches for his team sometimes, but I was catching for him yesterday and he throws high inside pitches mostly (for righties). Our dad says he releases the ball like a football but I didnt pay attention to that and my brother says “No I Dont!”. If he releases like this is it a problem or can you give me any suggestions. His mechanics are off but I am still teaching him. I told him to step more toward home to get the pitches lower but what about him getting them in the zone?

A video would be great. If he is throwing high he may be leading with his head.

Well when you release a football your release point is usually high, right? I don’t play football nor have I ever, so I’m not 100% sure… But if it is, that might explain the high and inside pitches unless there’s another big flaw in his mechanics.
A video would definitely help :slight_smile:

Stacking with what Doug said, he may be releasing it to early. Another reason may be that he might lean one way. Dos he look a little off-balacanced when he pitches? A video would be really helpful.