ANY suggestions/advice would be appreciated

When I play catch, I am happy about my velocity. I achieve great hip/torso separation and my velocity comes pretty easy without having to think about the hip/torso separation.
When pitching, however, it’s a completely different story. My velocity goes down about 4-5 mph from playing catch with a tiny step to pitching off a mound. I can’t get any hip/torso separation. I have tried just about every mental cue that I can think of to get the separation, but it hasn’t worked.
What mental cues have you guys used to get good hip/torso separation on the mound? Or does your mechanics come naturally? Finally, I would appreciate ANY advice or suggestions that could help me out.

Post video!

Since you feel a difference, lets see some video of you throwing normal and some of you throwing off the mound. Seeing the difference would really tell what is going on.

Ok. I have some video of me pitching with bad mechanics. I’ll try to get some video of me just playing catch.

I think you pretty much answered your question by stating pitching with “bad mechanics”. Post some video of you pitching off a mound and some guys on here can help you make some adjustments to help you get to the performance youre looking for.