Any problem with the head?


Feel free to comment on any other issues. Seems to me his head is a little jerky at the end. Not as bad throwing breaking pitches.


i do that when i’m trying to throw really hard sometimes


Tough camera angle because it’s so far away, but looks solid. Can you get a little closer and re-post another bullpen session/


I apologize, was a horrible video made with my phone. He should be throwing a bullpen around Tuesday or Wednesday, will take my sports camera and get better footage. Think I have been able to figure out the issue causing the “jerk”. He has always been a “pull the glove” guy. On off speed pitches I’m not seeing the jerk, only fastballs. I’ve been able to pause the video to see he is pulling his glove side elbow further on fastballs causing a dip in the shoulder towards first base and the head follows. The jerk I’m seeing is him quickly getting his head back on target. My belief is he is “pulling” harder on fastballs. My only concern at this point is he is taking his head off the target. Velocity and control are pretty good. I’ve discussed with his instructor and we’re both in agreement to leave it alone through his summer season and consider any adjustments in the off season. Not really sure at this point best way to make an adjustment. Don’t want him to do anything to slow the body down.


Unless it is drastically affecting his accuracy and making his mechanics non-repeatable, I don’t see any issues. I did the same thing. I just attributed it to trying to get out every ounce of energy my skinny body could produce. Early in the year, my neck would be sore from the movement. Makes sense the offspeed would slow it down a tick and minimize the head jerk a bit.


Appreciate the response. It is kind of a jerk but caused by taking his head off the target. When I originally posted thought it was just a jerk in an attempt to throw harder. When I pause the video what I’m seeing is his glove side shoulder pulling back which in turn carries the head to the first base side briefly. The jerk I’m seeing is head popping back up. My belief is he’s “pulling” glove to chest harder on fastball in an attempt to throw harder. Guess my biggest concern is pulling his head off target. Don’t know if this would cause any decreased velocity but causes his shoulders to not square up. Doesn’t really have any major control issues now but anything to improve is always good.