Any pointers or what not on 3/4 pitches?(small story inside)

I was brought up throwing over the top as most pitchers are, i was a young “giant” to say the least and my body allowed me to throw hard, Junior year in high school i found a fellow teamate throwing side-arm and i decided to take it up, i am just about to finish my senior year. My predicament was i was throwing maybe 82-86 over the top (guestimate and im not kissing my own ass on speed) and i was throwing maybe 78-81 from the side with some sink, so i decided to go 3/4 maybe a little lower… (still keeping the tail and sink, not as much though)

Anyways now that i am done with the story lol i have a question about my arm slot.

Im working around with 3 different split-finger fastballs (my favorite pitch… im 6’3 with very large hands for my size)

i throw a 2 seem which has the natural sink

I throw a change-up with same arm speed, and a little sink

can anyone make any suggestions on sliders what not… i was throwing a regular “C” slider, one inside the close seems, and lastly an attempted knuckle curve (slider attempt)… anyone offer some tips on the pitches to maybe get more break, or some split, or other pitch advice to get some more.

Thanks again, donno why i told my random story about myself, thanks.

I am 3/4 and i had trouble with a breakin pitch but i got a slider.

Instead of being on top like a curve
cut through the side of the ball.

so when you finish a curve your hands by you left knee(righty)
for a slider your hand should end near your left arm forearm

You never know what you’ll come across when you go back into the archives…
I think the first thing you should do is decide which arm slot is the most natural and comfortable for you. It might be the 3/4 or the sidearm, or somewhere in between. Next, about the slider. I know you’ve been hearing so many different views of that pitch and how to throw it, but here’s how I learned it from my pitching coach of way back when. He told me, “Throw it like a curve, but roll your wrist, don’t snap it.” And he showed me the grip he used: very much off-center, with the index and middle fingers very close together and the index finger off the seams and the middle finger just touching one, and the thumb underneath resting on a seam. Now, I threw my curveball with a sharp karate-chop wrist snap (I was a natural sidearmer), and so I took his instruction to mean that I should ease up, rather like a chef flipping a pancake or a crepe. It worked very well for me, and the slider became my strikeout pitch in a short time.
Now, if you throw sidearm at all, you should investigate the crossfire. This is a beautiful and deadly move that works only with the sidearm delivery, and here’s how it works. Say you’re a righthander. You go into your windup, or the stretch—whichever—but instead of pitching directly to the plate you take one step toward third base, whip around with your whole body and fire the pitch into the plate from that angle. To the batter it will look as if it’s coming at him from third base, and just watch him get all confused and discombooberated as he tries to get out of the way only to find it clipping the corner for a strike! (Of course, if you’re a southpaw you’ll go via first base.) This move will work with any pitch.
These are just a couple of hints, tips, whatever you want to call them—feel free to work around with them and see what you can do! 8)

I throw over the top but a little bit to the side. I actually used to throw from a 3/4. I was at about 87-88 and then switched to over the top and picked up 3mph instantly. Not only that, my 2 seamer picked up about 6 inches more of movement, my change-up was dropping an actually inch or 2 and I developed a big loopy curve to go along with the hard biting slider that I had. I may be different from others though.

edit: and I throw my slider like a dart. What you want to do is kind of point at the batter after you let go of it. (If its a right hander atleast)

I’m a low 3/4 arm guy, before Tommy John I got up to about 92 with a lot of movement, but wild as hell. I throw both a slider and a curveball both of which are pretty sharp. I can’t really explain how I throw my slider but I’ll try. Take a 4 seam grip and put your fingers together, then move them to the horse shoe (should be on the middle finger side of the ball) then rotate the horse shoe so the top middle finger knuckle is on the right corner of the horse shoe, then throw it like you would throw a fastball. My curveball is my better of the two breaking balls, which for an explanation of that, Google a picture of AJ Burnett’s curveball. Hope this helps and good luck!