Any one here know anything about hitting

So the kid is a freshman playing varsity baseball and facing some pretty good teams/pitchers. Doing well. So this is more of a whatda think…

The youngster looks strong. From a pitching coach’s point of view, I would like to make an observation of how I would coach a pitcher to pitch against this kind of batter’s motion:

THE PITCH - if this batter’s standard hitting style is consistent when reaching for the fence, not place hitting, every time he picks up his front foot like the way he does in the video, I would expect my pitcher to bring a hard breaking slider, high inside.

WHY - the breaking action of the slider takes advantage of this batter’s temp off balance stance when the front foot is raised like he does in the video, and the high inside takes advantage of his arms placement.

If this is your boy, the next time he takes BP, ask his coach to instruct one of his varsity pitchers to bring hard breaking sliders, high and inside, and see how his quality at bat nosedives.

Thanks for the reply. Not sure there is a pitcher on his team that could throw that pitch consistently enough. Not sure how many HS pitcher can.

Was really looking for a comment as to form. I’m not really a big fan of the wide stance. On the other hand it’s hard to argue with the results.

As I mentioned in my original post, the young man looks strong – but then so do literally thousands his age. So I answered your question to go beyond the usual and build on what he had going for him.
Here is why I answered as I did:

  • He changes his body language with the incoming pitch, moving up and down like he did, which makes it easy to get a strike call up, outside of his normal strike zone when he sets himself in the box. Some batters will do just the opposite by following the ball down with their body, making it easy to watch their back leg collapse, hence they pull their back knee down right into the path of the incoming pitch that would be too low under normal circumstances.
  • … thus, the slider down and inside is a no brainer and good for any easy one-two-three, sit down kid.
  • You mentioned that there is little probability of seeing pitchers at his level that can deliver the slider consistently. The key to that statement is the assumption that his level, high school, where he plays and the surrounding area of his competition is the world as you see it. I apologize up front if that last statement sounded rude.
  • This youngster has a lot of power – but it’s the little things that he’s doing now that will detract from that power, once he starts facing pitchers that can locate their pitches better, a pitch inventory that is more diverse and challenging, and so on.
    If you’re looking to promote this young man, your best bet is to let him face very good pitching that will challenge him with a variety of pitches. Then video him from different angles and what how susceptible he is to those pitches that give him trouble. Then work with him to correct his shortcomings with each kind of pitch. Good hitters adapt and adjust buy recognizing an incoming pitch.
    As a pitching coach (retired) I’d say he looks strong, good upper body proportions, solid trunk management on the swing, good recognition awareness from the side view provided in the video of an incoming pitch.

The kid played a very high level of travel ball the last couple of years. Facing 14/15 yr olds that are shaving and throwing in the 80’s last year. Great plate discipline, the intangibles are not an issue so far.

When I get home I’ll post a link to his swing from a couple of years ago. We’ll see what you think. Like it better than this swing. Of course if I knew what I was talking about I wouldn’t have to post here in the first place, LOL.

Beyond what I’ve posted thus far, there’s not much else I can add. As a pitching coach (retired) one of my responsibilities was to look at hitters and pick them apart. I’m not a batting coach and I have no real skills in that area - sorry.

Perhaps someone else on this site can chime in and help in that area.

I would suggest taking him to a some sort of showcase or other such event where he can test his metal on pitchers that bring the sort of things to the table that I mentioned in my prior posts.

By the way, there may be other forums on the web that strictly deal with hitting.

My best wishes to you and your son.