Any one form a missouri AA legion team?



im looking for one too


no Im already part of one i was just wondering if any one was from one,where are u from?


nevada, mo


u dont hav a legion team in ur area?


not in my town


I play legion for Neosho, good luck in zone sidearmer.


we beat neosho’s junior legion team in zone 2 weeks ago and ended up going to state. Are u on neosho’s senior legion?


Ya I play for the senior legion, our first zone game got rained out tonight. Is your senior legion doin pretty well?


i dont know, they are playing in springfield


Warrensburg ended up beating us twice today to take the zone. I guess we kinda blew it, but your guys could rake.


Yeah they can all smack the crop out of the ball, I played we a lot of them last year on the junior legion team and there was a lot of homeruns. There also stacked pitching wise too