Any of you watching the Olympics?

Favorite events?

besides baseball, I would have to say Gymnastics, they are some amazing athletes and I wonder if a pitcher had that much strength with that much flexabillity how good they would be

I love the men’s volleyball. I’m going into my senior year in HS and I’ve played volleyball for the first 3 years, but I was thinking of quitting because of the coach, but seeing the Olympic stuff inspires me to just live through it.

I also throw discus, so it’s awesome to see those events. I’ve seen a guy throw over 50m at a meet I was in and couldn’t imagine seeing these guys go upwards of 70m. Body builders with coordination, gotta love 'em.

swimming and beach volleyball have to be my favorite events after baseball. just watching phelps swim and smash most of the records is amazing. also the softball team from the u.s is outstanding . i was watching last night and it said they had thrown 3 no-hitters out of 4 games.

Baseball (obviously), and watching Man/Beast Phelps tear it up in the pool. My gosh he is amazing.

I always like the 100m, Usain Bolt is great to watch ad should win easilly

I also like he gymnastics, great to watch aswell

Olympics??? O L Y M P I C S?..Had no idea they still did that stuff…
Is it on when the Cubs aren’t playing?

I’m not going to name names… or point the finger at a certain stadium events manger… although she happen to be a relative of mine… but…. one night during the Summer Olympics someone thought it might be a good idea and a real crowd pleaser if a kid dressed up in Greek stuff, held a replica of an Olympic torch … lighted mind you … and ran the bases to open our game.

Myself and a few of the other old-timers looked at each other and kind of shook our heads with collective comments…“I’m getting that ole sinking feeling”…

Well, the National Anthem was played and just as they finished “The Rockets Red Glare…” … a stadium volunteer whips out His Zippo … lights the torch… and off the little kid goes … on a quest of patriotism and glory….


Some bright light manager wrapped a roman candle in a cones-shaped design of tin foil and just as the kid got half way to the first base line… and our line up… hats off standing on the chalk line… KERRRPOWWW…

And don’t you just know it… the first guy who was standing literally inline when the darn thing went off was my starting pitcher. GO FIGURE!!!

The exploding shots really took the little kid by surprise and the next thing we knew she holds the fireworks straight out in her hand as far away from her as possible… and in a direct line to our dugout… Our trainer who was coming out of the hallway entrance to our dugout looked left and then right to see what all the noise was about… then looked straight ahead … only to say…. WOOAAAA!!!

That kid must have hit every square inch of out dugout, two water bubblers, a phone to the bullpen, and the only spare roll of toilet paper we had for the port-a-pottie.

But you know what… the crowd went nuts… they loved it. And after we all stood up and uncover our heads… we dusted our selves off to a rounding cheer of applause… and the announcer said…“let’s all give a round of applause for our little Olympian”. I can still see our trainer slowly getting up from the dugout Floor saying … “ A round of applause??? The little @#!!&% kid nearly killed us!!!

…Ahhhh the thrill of victory and the agony of…… whatever….

Boxing…man against man combat or in some cases man against boy. :wink:

Gymnastics. Alicia Sacramone is a babe. Nastia Lukin is also decent. Phelps is a freak, hilarious thing is my wing span is only 3 inches less but i’m only 5 foot 10 or 11

and how about the canadian ball team. three one run losses. Brutal decision to put Rheal Chromier(sp?) in for relief. For a team that isn’t the right team there they are doing pretty good i must say. Lawrie should be getting more time though, sickest bat ever.

just watching basketball and mens swimming (Micheal Phelps of course). Not into Olympic baseball because it’s just a bunch on minor leaguers.

I’m watching. I love it all. Well, maybe not synchronized swimming. :roll:

don’t tell me you don’t love those brazilian synchronized swimmers, the twins.

Hadn’t heard about them but I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for them. :wink:

Phelps got his 8th. BOOYAH. USA RULZ

haha. I thought the synchronized swimming was awful till i saw them. Racewalking has to be the lamest event ever though. How can they take a legitimate sport like baseball out, or not have golf in the olympics but have equestrian, racewalking, and synchronized swimmig.

Congrats to Phelps. Watched the race last night.

ya phelps is amazing how would it be to go into a race and know your going to win. besides 100m butter fly and the 4x 100m relay he dominated everything

Did anyone see Usain Bolt absolutely dominate the 100m dash? That was the most amazing running i have ever seen.