Any input on mechanics?

This is just a quick video of me. I played up through high school and pitched all the way up through there. I kind of just went at it, did what felt natural, and taught myself. So my mechanics are probably pretty messed up. I was the number 3 pitcher in high school, so I didn’t get much attention from my coaches. Now, 9 years later, I’m playing in a men’s senior league and pitching for the first time since. I occasionally have pain right in the middle of my bicep after pitching. From what I’ve read on here, bicep pain has to do with mechanics. I’d appreciate any input about my mechanics. Anything to help with the pain or anything to add some velocity. Thanks.

The main thing I see is your stride to the plate is off. You start off good but your momentum stops at your release. Right now your using all hips and throwing across your body which is putting stress on your arm. Focus on your follow through and really throwing off your front foot.

Thanks a lot for the input. When you say that my stride is off, do you mean I am not striding straight towards home?

Is this you now? or then…(Then I’d guess)? One thing I note is that you are using just arm, no lower half involvement at all. When you get to foot strike everything stops and your arm delivers…no wonder your arm hurts.

Yeah, I meant your not striding towards home sorry for not being clear on that.

The front leg opens up too soon and sort of just steps toward the plate. Also, your glove drops to the side. These things lead to early rotation of hips and shoulders and that shortens the stride. All of this wastes energy and causes you to throw with more arm.

Keep the front leg closed off longer, get the hips moving forward faster, and keep the glove up in front. The only thing the glove should do once it is extended out front, is to turn over and wait for the chest to move to it.

Alright. Thanks a lot guys for the help.

To follow up on Roger’s excellent advice I would diagnose your arm pain as an impingement of the rotator cuff. Don’t be alarmed it is very common among pitchers.

Your elbow is breaking the acromial plane. You need to learn about the “Safe Zone.”

[quote=“■■■■■■■■■■■.net”]… I would diagnose your arm pain as an impingement of the rotator cuff. [/quote]… but his pain is in his bicep. Impingement refers to the sub-acromial bursa and there really is no evidence that just getting to a position as per the still image above causes impingement issues. I think it was xv84 who made the interesting comment that pitchers who get there with the glove side don’t have injuries there, despite being in the same position shown in this image.