Any ideas please?

a quick intro… i am 21 6’2" 195 lbs…

i walked onto a d3 college school but came up ineligable cause of my grades… anyways.

i threw low to mid 80s for the tryouts when i was about 10 pounds less… since then i havent thrown in about 2.5-3 years because i got a double hernia repaired that i got while working. i am trying to start again to tryout for some minor league teams.

i can only throw mid 70s now because my muscles arent used to it hopefully.

the first wind up is my old, where i could hit mid 80s. i noticed that my foot didnt point straight toward the batter whien i landed… i was flailing my left arm out instead of tucking it toward my body, and my left knee wasnt coming up much at all during the wind up.

i am trying to use my legs and body more, instead of just my arm.

i am hoping that once i get used to throwing again, and try to perfect my mechanics better i can hit mid-high 80s, maybe even low 90s!

i tried to fix these problems, does it look better? and do you see other problems? thanks a lot

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thanks for the advice guys

get a video off a mound…

Doing the towel drill in your socks? 2 things, your feet should start from approx comfortable shoulder width or so. and you don’t bend at the waist. The idea of the towel drill is to formally attempt to get the body to deliver the ball in a balanced focused to a point way. It looks like you may want to try it outside where you have some room…I do recommend you continue with it though, just in a setting more conducive to it…
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