Any ideas for rehabing a right quad pull?

I’ve really been working on sitting on my right leg and dropping and driving. Consequently, I pulled my quad on my plant leg and shut down for a little over a week. I just tried to throw from a mound this morning and had immediate discomfort and shut down after two pitches. Only from the mound and only when I tried my full delivery did I feel any pain. In other words, I warmed up without problems. When I first started really working on improving my lower body mechanics about three weeks ago after I realized I was lacking in this area, everything was going fine. I was improving velocity and endurance. However, I think I started to group sessions a little too close together, doing too much too soon and put too much stress on the quad.

In addition to resting it, how can I effectively rehab and get back to throwing bullpens ASAP? About how long should I shut down for? As I said, initially my work at better utilizing my lower body by sitting on my back leg more was going really well and helping multiple aspects of my delivery. Thus, I’m eager to get back to it in healthy state so I go full tilt from a mound and ultimately improve as a pitcher.

My sincere thanks to all for any ideas.

The fastest way for you to get back is to get into physical therapy. They can put you on an exercise and stretching program and use modalities such as ultrasound and E-Stim to help increase the healing process.

Dave, I sincerely appreciate your advice. It’s solid. There’s just one hitch and that is that I’m a 25 yr old carpenter. I can’t afford to even see a doctor to take care of some simple but annoying problems I’ve had with my prostate.

Is there anything simple I can do myself? I’m all about taking care of/solving issues on my own by being resourceful. However, in this case I need people who have gone through this before to impart their resourcefulness to me.

Again, I do appreciate greatly all replies I receive for any post I’ve made that’s the truth and yours is no exception.

Quad pulls can be a long lasting and painful problem. There have been many times that I have work with athletes just to try to keep them playing until they could rest once the season was over.

I cant stress stretching enough. Use moist heat on your quad for 10-15 min. before stretching A good stretch is to put the top of your foot on the seat of a chair roll your hips foward and slowly lean back. Hold for 30sec. to 1 min. Stretch to the point of tightness not pain. Stretch at least 3 times a day.

You will need to do some strengthing exercises. All should be done pain free. Use low weights and increase your reps. Some good quad exercises are: straight leg raises, Leg extensions, and lunges. You can do these tice a day starting with 10 reps each and build of to 30 reps.

A quad support will help you come along quicker. I like to use a 6" double ace bandage. I use what is called a hip spica. Where you wrap arond your quad then around your waist. You can also find quad supports that are easier to use that are built into compression shorts.

The last thing I would have an athlete do is stretch then apply ice for about 20 min. after activity.

Hope this helps you out.

CSamuel … I’m a 25 year old carpenter. I can’t afford to even see a doctor to take care of some simple but annoying problems I’ve had with my prostate.

I really don’t mean to discourage the drive that you have to play this sport, but, from my experience in dealing with pitchers trying to rehab themselves, I’ve got to give you my honest opinion with respect to your situation.

Your age, your vocation and your financial situation are not working in your favor. Your stretching the limits of what’s reasonable here and your first priority - making a living wage.

I’ve seen more than my fair share of men in just the situation that your now in, trying to make it, with similar weights on their shoulders. For whatever reason, they just can’t, or won’t, let go. The realities of life are not fair nor kind of heart. You seem to be there. To chase this sport like you’re doing will utlimately do more harm than good to you and your family. I sincerely wish that you consider the path that your taking and recount the consequences. Regroup, take stock of the positive things that are going for you right now and lean on thos positive aspects to get you back in shape and the qualities of life.

I’ve never seen you, nor have I been part of any training or conditioning program, nor have I coached you in any way. But, I’ve had years of experience with men just like yourself in the situation that your in - so I speak from experience and a sobering volume of life in this sport/business.

Please reconsider the course of action that your about to take.

This posting was not easy for me to make nor was it done without a lot of thought on my part. If you want further clarification, please PM me or post here.

Coach Baker.