Any hope?


Hi I’m a 15 year old pitcher and I have a problem. I just got gunned today albeit only for 2 pitches and they were both 70mph, very disappointing. I need to be at 75mph to make my high school team and the tryout is in about a month. I’m trying to get my parents to let me hit the weight room and I’m also going to refine my mechanics. Is there any chance I get to this speed by then or do I just have to accept that there is no chance and train for the long term. Thank you


“Hi I’m a 15 year old pitcher and I have a problem.”

Yes, and the problem is, you not knowing or understanding how biological age works with baseball pitchers. I might add if your HS Varsity head coach who is picking freshman pitchers for his team 3 years later, now by Velocity is a poor idea, he is going to be constantly disappointed from not understanding this timing!.

If your chronological age matches your biological age, you are an “equated” maturer.
If your biological age is any less, you are then a “delayed” maturer.
If your biological age is any more, you are an “advanced” maturer.
The biological age swings in males is up to 5 years apart.

What are you? I was delayed almost 3 years.

If you are say 1 year delayed your Velo at 70 is above average, if you are 2 years delayed, you are in elite velo range? I know few look at it like this but I’m talking to you and you personally need to understand and believe this. Now the bad news? If you are an advanced maturer by 1 year, you would be 5 MPH behind the average, not bad and some times just fitness/mechanics is the challenge.
If you are 2 years advanced your arm is probably already jacked up from all the youth pitching that is thrust upon these individuals to early, to much. 70 when your biologically aged 18 and you are at the same time chronologically 15 puts you on first and a bat in your hand.

“I just got gunned today albeit only for 2 pitches and they were both 70mph, very disappointing.”

Was this during a bull pen or competition?

There is up to an 8% difference in voluntary max effort velocity between the 2. It depends upon the amount of adrenalin assist you pump during an effort. Competitive effort always produces much more and why you see elevated velo in pitchers and outfielders during competitive max effort throws.

“I need to be at 75mph to make my high school team”

Take it easy, you are probably blowing this out of proportion by rumor or escalation from friends and acquaintances? Like I said if head coaches do not understand biological maturity they are probably the history teacher who played ball. If you do not get the oppertunity to pitch for him , don’t let that discourage you, keep pitching if it’s your passion.

“tryout is in about a month”

Good, this means you will have 30 training oppertunities, to attain speed you must practice speed, just keep shuving it.

I believe the best way to tryout ball players is first teach them how to tryout, meaning how to interval in to it and summer tryouts are the worst time to do this.

“I’m trying to get my parents to let me hit the weight room and I’m also going to refine my mechanics.”

Good for you, it’s time. I normally start biologically aged 13 yo’s with this process.

“ Is there any chance I get to this speed by then or do I just have to accept that there is no chance “

I saw Daryle Kyle go from 84 to 96 in 2 weeks then immediately signed and he was an adult who are usually played out. The best thing you can do is throw max effort on a line at least 25 throws or pitches after warm up every day.

You will be OK unless your mechanics are injurious meaning, you forearm supinate your drives and releases and do not follow the ball with full body rotation to recover.


Pitching is more about location and movement on the ball than velocity. If the HS coach is only looking at velocity then I would go to another HS and I am skeptical that he is, not to mention there are 8 other positions available. If you want to strengthen your arm some of the best ways are to throw long toss and to do bands…properly.

Also if you are not working with a pitching coach then I would get one. You can learn so much from a good pitching coach. Pitching is an aspect of the game that is far more involved than usual baseball strategy. There are things you can learn from a good pitching coach that no HS coach (unless he has pitched at a level higher than HS) will be able to teach or will even know.

Lastly, the key to success is preparation. If you are prepared by throwing a lot for conditioning and to keep your arm strong (by doing your bands), and also doing core workouts, then your body will be ready. Also if you are throwing bullpens (with your pitching coach) or pitching in games 2 times a week with 3-4 days pitching rest between then you will be ready. Too many times I have seen kids stop throwing and expect to have success. If you are prepared you will have success. Good luck.


Dirtberry thanks for the advice. I have one question though, how do you tell if you’re an advanced or delayed maturer?

he gunned me in between innings when I was warming up to pitch.


Are you sure 75 is the minimum velocity?

If you’re 15 I assume that’s freshman year.

My son just completed his freshman year, albeit as a 14 year old. His max velocity off the mound at hs tryouts was 68 mph. The range for 15 year olds is 65 on the low end to 74 on the high end, with 80-81 considered exceptional. So my son was towards the low end of the velocity spectrum for freshmen, yet had no problem making his team, and in fact finished second on the team in wins, era and appearances.

Five months later, after just turning 15, he’s at 73-74 off the mound and just starting his sophomore year.

His coach thinks he can hit 80 by the time hs season starts in late March. If he does, he’ll be on the high end for 16 year olds (even though he’ll be 15). His coach also thinks he needs to be about 85mph by July in order to make a 17 u elite level travel team (as a 16 year old).

Given the above, I think your numbers may be skewed and/or you’re confusing hs level velocities with elite level travel program velocities.


I’m going into 10th grade and the 75mph is based off what he told me face to face when he cut me at the tryout.



“I have one question though, how do you tell if you’re an advanced or delayed maturer”

It’s very difficult to assess your own biological age even if you come to the realization that you can handle this information in a scientific manor. It sounds to me as if you can?
There are several inside and outside biological call outs, the best one that you will not probably do but is a great idea for youth pitchers parents to glean on their boy’s 16th chronological birthday, to get x-rays of both elbows medially and laterally and have a radiologist tell you what he see’s concerning growth plate final closures. Remember all elbow growth plates solidify at biological/chronological 16 yo in Equated maturers You really only need the glove arm to asses exactly where you are in maturity from equated down to delayed. it will not tell them when you solidify if your advanced unless you take the x-rays earlier like at 13 cyo.

The pitching arm that prematurely closes the growth plates in all youth pitchers at varying degrees can be perturbed up to 2 years early with full closure in the elbow when it should have had that time to grow Humerus. This makes the ball arm elbow older than the glove arm and the Humerus always shorter than the glove arm.

Coarse hair is the next give away, especially shaveing. I was 20 before I needed to shave this means I was 2.5 years delayed. If you are shaving at 14, you would be advanced.

Check the men in your family for genetic tendencies, ask them if they were early maturers or late?

There are many other varied clues like voice change that happens at 13 in cyo equateds. you can actually look this info up.

“he gunned me in between innings when I was warming up to pitch.”

This guy sounds like a type “A” personality and will stretch the truth to start what he thinks will get you better or faster in his mind! When he guns you warming up are you thinking in the back of your mind, this guy also talks about high strike percentage and even maybe overly walk concerned, giving you an unfair psychological work load! What do you think this state of mind does to velocity?

You need to learn how to think and act Stoically with these people. You can look that up also.

Are you a PO? If no did he assess your fielding, running, batting and game awareness? He already know you have a good arm being a pitcher.


That must be one hell of a high school team for 75mph to be a minimum velocity.

Is this the freshman team? Sophomore team? jV?


JV. I play in South Florida and it’s really competitive down here. I don’t know what it is but it’s like the kids here are more evolved in their physical development it’s crazy. Just for reference there’s two incoming sophomores who can throw in the high 80s. I go to one of the top baseball schools in the county so it’s tough to make the team. About 85 kids showed up to the tryouts so the coach has the luxury of choosing who he wants.


Well 75 mph for JV sounds more reasonable.

My boy is at 73-74mph right now, beginning of his sophomore year.

I’m fairly certain he’ll be close to 80 after several months of velocity training by the time jv tryouts come in March.

Of course, he also plays at an above average public school in a northern state.

Not nearly as competitive as South Florida.

Good luck in your pitching endeavors and don’t give up.

These things take time.


It is interesting the difference from other areas of the country. My son was a sophomore last year and pitched quite a bit on varsity for a D1 school in a pretty competitive conference. He probably maxed out at 76-77. Most of the kids pitching on JV last year were probably throwing in the low 70s. They may not have had anyone that could consistently hit 75 on the JV team.


Update: I ended up making the fall team but not because I increased in speed since earlier. The coach told me he likes enough to keep me for the fall but I need to show velocity improvement by spring to stick around. I’ve been doing a lot of work to try and improve my velocity but I feel like nothing is really working that much. If I don’t add 5 mph by spring I’m gone.