Any help would be appreciated 15 years old

Those mechanics look great. Just a little more leg drive end back leg extension and he’ll be set. Make sure to hit the weight room as well

Thanks Nick
He has just started on a weight lifting and conditioning program . And we are working on the back leg . Any thoughts on improving back leg extension?

That’s great to hear. The thing for back leg extension is you have to have a good linear ankle to knee position. When your in that position if you push off the right amount it will create extension from the ankle to the hip, which indicates if your using your drive leg enough. You can tell your giving it your all when your back leg and hip are straightened out. That will lead to good hip to shoulder separation, which will lead to increased velocity. Any idea how hard he’s throwing?

Thanks Nick
He currently throws 75-78 topping out at 79


What I would work on is the beginning of his delivery or the first phase of movement. What I see your son doing is collapsing his drive leg in. This leads into early rotation. Usually when a pitcher pushes off with the instep, he drives his knee into early rotation. Work on keeping his plant foot totally on the ground and make sure he isn’t pushing off with his instep. He should engage the entire bottom of his foot to create early weight shift without turning his drive knee in. Back foot should be firmly planted on ground. Use the entire back foot to drive force into the ground and into the delivery.

Also, because he rotates his drive knee in early, his core is unbalanced causing him to lean back. His core should be inside of his drive leg. Looks like he is trying to throw his hips out there in order to lead with them. The center of gravity and hips must lead the action. Look at the images below and compare.

Hope that helps



Thanks Steve
I will definitely work on that. I appreciate the help