Any guesses?

im a freshman throwing 83 and i weigh 123 and am 5’7 im supposed to be 6’3 and i was wondering what i might be throwing ina couple years

This is only hypothetical. Let’s say you lift no weights, you gain at least maybe 10 to 20 lbs., and you’re pitching in the next three years, I’d think that by your senior year yould be at 90 mph +. But that’s based on practically nothing really, it’s hard to tell.

How old are you? Who clocked you at 83 and what did they use? 83 is smokin quick for a 9th grader. Good Job. Don’t be terribly let down if your speed drops or fluctuates over the next 4 years. The best way to get to the 90’s as a Sr. is to get yourself a game plan (Weights, diet, conditioning, mechanics assessment and work), stick with it and adjust as needed as you find out what you need or don’t need. The 90’s aren’t easy to reach and stay at (My son who is a jr. clocks 86-90 depending on the who what and where), you have to make a big time commitment and effort, as well as staying on top of your grades and prepping for SAT’s. You look like you have a good start. If you can come up with the cash, get Steven’s Tuff Cuff, it will help you set up and track your journey…really a super training aid.
Good Luck to you.

i turned a cpl months ago , the varsity coach did using a jugz gun…illl buy that tuff cuff or w/e… what is it exactly

It’s a book that lays out multiple training methods and exercises, it also has plenty of charts you can fill in to keep track of your progress. It is well illistrated so you can understand what he’s trying to get you to do. I gave it to my son’s varsity coach and he was actively using it the next day. I’d say it was worth your investment. If you throw that fast you HAVE to stay on top of your conditioning or you’ll get yourself hurt and/or your speed will drop (I’m not trying to scare you but it is a realty you’re going to have to understand) .

5’7 123, throwing 83 … you are a freak, and that’s a compliment.

i was thinking of buying the tuff cuff, then i signed to iowa western, and i figured they’d have about the same training methods

i kinda of get that a lot, just not in those words andrew…haha…but ill look into that tuff cuff thing then. People always ask me how i throw that hard with my little body. I have some videos of me if you would want to look at them

post them videos

lol im a freshman in college and i only threw 84 in the fall… make me feel like a chump, but u better stay in shape cuz if what your saying is true you could be GOOD

ill keep working hard then…and i do really want to be a good baseball player. I love baseball and ill work as hard as possible…

im 5’8 130 pds and throw low 80s ,81-83 too hopefully with practice and me keeping on ill throw with more velocity ina couple of years