Any good way to heal a hurt arm?

Hey my problem is that about three months ago i started doing alot of curveballs in games, more then I usally do and after the game and for about 3 days my upper arm hurt alot. Its better now but still after i pitch about 2-3 innings the pain comes back again but bery mildy but it gets worse and worse. Is there any thing I can do to try to heal my arm faster and more eficiently?

Im 14 and i throw in games 4 seems, 2 seems, circle changeup, im trying to stay away from curveballs and im also working on knucle curve.

Any help would be greatly appriciated ty.

Go to a doctor, have it diagnosed and treated. This is the fastest and safest…really the only way you should approach it. You won’t find anything on the internet better than that.