Any good drills for trunk shoulder seperation

I know this is tough for young kids because they tend to be more block rotators, but let me ask anyway…

does anyone know any good drills for rotating the trunk while keeping the shoulders closed?

cross over drill and hershieser drill are great for getting the lower body involved…but I am looking for the next step… i.e something that keeps the shoulders closed when the hips open.

Seems to me this would be the magic drill for lots of kids.

these may help:

The NPA’s Wall Drill and Knee Drill can help. (See][b]here[/b
) The Wall drill is a position drill while the knee drill is a movement drill.

Of course, any drill in which you can work on maintaining a stable posture and stabilizing the glove out front (e.g. Rocker Drill at link above) can help as well since posture and glove issues often lead to an early front side (i.e. early shoulder rotation) which tends to reduce separation.

I was going to recommend the wall drill, but roger beat me to it lol.

Thanks for the replies…

baseballthinktank…your drill reminds me a little of the old Epstein torque drill for hitting.


I was looking through some of the older posts on this board on this topic and there was some mention of good drills by Fred Corral. Does anyone know these drills and could point me to a description?

Search him under Fred Corral (Maybe Alfreddo) on YouTube, he’s got a bunch on there