Any constructive criticism welcome here! :)

So I’ve never really been a great pitcher. I tried out for my high school team back when my mechanics were just terrible (i didn’t even know what pitching out of the stretch meant :oops: ) and I regret never trying out for the team again.
But now I’m off to college where there isn’t a college team but there are intramurals and club baseball so I’m definitely going to try out for those. Before I do though, I was hoping I could get the pitching community to take a look at my mechanics and make sure there are no gaping flaws in it.
Honestly, any help would be greatly appreciated! ANY. :slight_smile:

Here’s the side-view.

If you want to see it in slow-motion, here’s the link for that.


Slow-motion of front-view.

Again, I’d be grateful for any tips or pointers you guys could give me before college!
Thank you!

Any help appreciated!

I recently threw with my friend and he said that I lead with my chest too much and that my chest muscles should be more relaxed instead of flexed.
Do you guys think the same way?