Any chance of telling velocity on this?

Not the best view but its better then the stupid side views. How hard does it look I’m throwing?

I’m guessing in between 60 and 90 mph.

No, you can’t tell the velocity.

Ok Just wondering

72.3549 mph

I timed it using my 1976 Farrah Fawcett calendar. 8)



Naw, not really. But if you can take a vid that includes release and the ball crossing the plate in the same frame I can give you a pretty good estimate.


I’ll just critique your mechanics… I do see some things needed to be fixed, so I may sound mean, but it’s because I care for you (bro), so I’ll start…

The Good: Looks smooth, but… smoothness is not everything

The Okay: The tempo is decent and you’re not really slow than a lot others that I see. But If you want to increase velocity, I suggest you speed up your delivery after handbreak… but IF you are working on faster tempo, be sure to work on timings first.

The Bad:

  1. This is a problem that I see most of the non-hard throwers: nothing happens at leg lift, they just raise their leg without giving tension to hip to generate explosive hip torque later (aka ‘pelvic loading’ in SETPRO term) and they stall on the rubber and kill the forward momentum. Since I’ve heard that you registered in SETPRO forum, I suggest you ask Mr. Nyman on pelvic loading and what should be happening during the leg lift and such.

  2. Arm action is really essential to throwing hard and you really need to work on it… I really don’t see any ‘scapula loading’ and if I"m correct, you’re pretty familiar with the concept of it, so do yourself a favor and start practicing ‘pinching’ your throwing arm horizontally. Here’s a good pic…

Wait, I just found your video in YouTube that had you supposedly working on ‘scapula loading’… well, keep in mind that you have to pinch back horizontally like Mr. Chorye Spoone right here (I met Mr. Spoone in the batting cage several weeks ago… very nice person)

  1. You looks like you’re ‘pushing’ to ball in front and you are really losing velocity because of it. I’m not really good at describing this aspect… so if you can access to SETPRO’s forum, ask Mr. Nyman about it.

Overall: IMO, your delivery could use a lot of tweaks if you want to reach maximum velocity. Keep looking at SETPRO materials (all of my advices are derived from my knowledge from SETPRO) and work hard![/img]