Any baseball card collectors?

Just wondering if anyone collects baseball cards on this board. I have been collecting since 1987 up to this current year (2007), but it has come to a time that I need to do some cleaning of my collection. I just got done with college and I’m about to move into the “real world” of having my own place. My mom, being a typical mom, is telling me to clean most of my stuff out. I don’t want to throw cards and other items away so I’m looking to find them a good home. If anyone collects certain teams or certain players, feel free to let me know either by responding to this post or you can PM me and we could work something out from there. Thanks.

Are those the years you collected cards or the years of the cards you collected? I might be interested in any 1968 cards you might have. Been working on that year since, well, 1968.

I used to but, now I just buy old signed ones online and occasionally buy a pack of cards looking for jerseys or numbered.

I’ve got a pretty nice Pat Burell jersey card from '03.

Man I wish I had some 68’s but unfortunately my age prevented me from collecting those. I was just lucky enough to be born at the right time so that I started collecting right when the card companies decided to overproduce every line that they put out and me being 7 at the time, thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now I have plenty of Phil Plantier cards that were worth money then but now really aren’t worth the card stock the they are printed on. It is funny how the industry have evolved over the past 20 years.

My dad gave me almost a complete set of tops 68 cards. Theres some really good ones like a reggie jackson rookie card and a mickey mantle misprinted card.

Yeah i collect, i have about 2 full 2’’ binder full of cards. you should try to put them on e-bay and see if you get any good offers.

HighlightsA roger clemens jersey, a bobby mercer bat card, marc mcguire rookie and jason bay rookie autograph. khalil greene rookie autograph, Tino Martinez rookie, barry bonds rookie, mo vaughn rookie, dennis eckersley autograph, Lastings mildedge and jason hirsh rookie. list goes on and on. I think i might start selling soon.

Should i start putting them on e-bay or get it valued first.

I love collecting baseball cards, but have backed off a bit.

I have found a well funded paypal+ebay+an addiction to collection= poor.

I now only collected a few players. One went to my highschool and the other played on the same babe ruth team. I enjoy hunting to various cards.

I’ve got around 4 dozen gameused or autographed cards. Pulled many, bought several. Card shows are great if your interested, guys will haggle and cut some great deals.

My highlights include:

A-rod game used glove card #'ed to 25
Mel Ott jersey card #'d to 25

Then lots of rookies and Twins (I think around 9 Torii Hunter game used)

Sorry Roger no '68 cards here. I think the oldest thing I have is a '73 Gibson. '68 is an awesome set though. The '68 Nolan Ryan would definately be a sweet card to have.

And a Nolan Ryan rookie card? :shock:

Im a big baseball card collecter im very interested. Im young but i have been collecting all my life.