Any advice on these two nagging injuries?

So right now I’m being bothered by my left knee(landing knee) and an area right under my shoulder blade. My knee has always been a little weak but this past weekend I had a game where I pitched and our cat her tried to pick off a guy who took too big of a lead off second. I squatted to get out of the way and when I did I just heard cracks and pops in my knee, it’s been sore ever since. Also it swelled up yesterday after walking around on it fr an hr or so. The are around my shoulder always bother me when I throw. It always feels tight no matter how much I stretch. It eventually gets better and loosens up but if I dont keep it warm or keep it movin it tightens up again. So any help?

I recently messed up something in my knee as well. On a mound with a hole right where I plant, it caused me to open up aggressively on my heel. Caused me to tweak my knee and since has caused me pain. Work on RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). Make sure you ice it a lot, reduce swelling, and stay away from hear the first 48-72 hours. This includes resting it as well.

Basically it sounds about the shoulder that you are talking about the teres major/minor which also caused me issues too. Once again, RICE is a great way to let it heal. Make sure you stretch it several times a day and work on strengthening that region, mostly the upper back and shoulders to deal with the forces of decelerating your arm.

One more thing to think about, is take 3 Ibuprofen every 8 hours. Don’t do this more than 2 times a day and not for longer than 5 days, but this will help reduce the swelling of your knee.

k thnx

No help for the knee- sorry. A suggestion for your shoulder blade/scap- have someone dig around with their fingers in the area of soreness and look for a knot. These things can cause persistent problems and usually won’t go away by themselves- especially during training or the season. If you do have a knot you need to get someone to massage it out. This is just potentially one problem but is pretty simple to look for.