Any Advice on my situation?

I’ve been wondering, when I try to use my full body when I land and twist with me consciously paying attention, I don’t feel the full arm speed when I normally throw. Its hard to explain but I’m just thinking, after the foot lands and I twist in my arm action does it involve my upper body. Im just wondering if I could fix and improve on this to increase my velocity. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome. Its kind of hard to explain.

You think too much, and that is the sort of thing that is bound to interfere with what you’re trying to do. Stop thinking and trying to analyze what you should do here and what you should do there, and just go with the flow of energy from the lower half of the body up through the shoulder to your arm. That is “The Secret”, and when I learned that I learned quickly enough to just go with it. 8)

Zita is right, you’re thinking too much.

Once you have the mechanic down stop thinking about it and let your muscle memory take over.

I use to think to much when I pitched or even when I played other positions, and it killed me, the first 4 games of the season…8 errors in left…why? Because I thought to much. It helps to listen to music, on the bus ride there. And when your not going up to bat, close your eyes and think of something funny. And it helps to take 1 deep breath before each pitch, to calm down, and clear your mind. Just have fun with it! :wink:

Thanks for the tips guys. What should you recommend for weights and resistance (Push ups, Sit ups) training for a 16 year old pitcher?

resistance bands are always good, weight training, and a little running, but ,more of the first two.

Austin, how is it that your 2-seam fastball is faster than your 4 seam fastball?

Brettbird, that is the case with some pitchers. I know I have the same scenario going on. It happens because some pitchers are able to pull down on the two seam and stay through it longer. My 4 seam is in the 83-84 range whereas my 2 seam is around 86-88