Any advice on my pitches?

I am a righty pitcher and my 2 seam tails in to a lefty and out to righty. I cant seam to get it the other way. Any advice?

That’s weird. What kind of arm slot do you throw with?

Depends on how you are releasing the ball and maybe the pressure you are putting on the 2 fingers on the seams. Play around with it alittle. It doesnt sound like that bad of a problem

It’s not a problem at all. It depends on how much pressure you put on which finger. When I threw a knuckle-curve I used a few different grips and I found that I could alter which way it broke by how much pressure I would put on the index or the middle finger. The important thing to remember is to keep the ball as close to the plate and as far away from the bat as possible (so said Satchel Paige). As long as you’re getting the batters out, you’re okay.

I agree, it’s not a problem if you have control of the pitch. What does your 4-seamer do?

thats because you supinate and dont pronate. you basically thorw a cutter

How in the world do you know that he supinate’s vs pronate just by what he has told you? Pitchers can definately get the ball to cut just based on finger pressure vs pronation.

finger pressure will lead to pronation or supination. you cannot get a cutting action if you dont supinate while releasing the pitch. maybe you will pronate afterward and thats all good but you could get all the middle finger pressure you would want on your 2-seam, if you pronate it will tail and not cut.

i am not going to argue over this though.

This is known as “cutting” action, and unless you’re struggling to control it, I think it’s a good thing. Movement is rarely a bad thing!

[quote=“4pie”]thats because you supinate and dont pronate. you basically thorw a cutter[/quote]. Wht does that mean I thought u pronate with a change up

yes exactly and a change up is fading away. what you are refering to is a pitch that cuts which means you are supinating.

as a righty, if you stand on the plate with both feet and youre facing home plate, put your right hand in front of you palm facing down.

pronation will make your palm face third base, supination will make your palm face first base.

I’m not going to worry about it to many pitches off sets the main goal - location and accuracy I would rather work on my change up