Any advice is welcome

I am including a link to a video of my 9 year old practicing. He pitches on a 9U travel team in NC. I was just wondering what recommendations or comments you might have. Thanks.

Just when he comes set, maybe have his feet a bit farther apart.

Is that the general rule? Should his feet not be together when he comes set? I am fine with that suggestion. I was just wondering what others think.

Yeah you might want to spread his feet out a bit. And before he goes into his stride, makes sure he completely drops his knee. To be honest, these are probably some of the best mechanics I’ve seen from a 9 year old…

Thanks for the tips. I am not sure we will try to change anything before the tournament this weekend but we will try to start next week.

He was taught by his older cousin who was a pitcher in the minor leagues who concentrated on fundamentals.

Anyone else that has any comments will be appreciated. Thanks.

Not to beat a dead horse, I just thought that with all the quality pitching observers on this board, I would bump this discussion one more time.

I was wondering if some thought he rushes his delivery or not. He has great control and his strike percentage is around 68-69%.

Any other comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I just wanted to add one thing. He now gets his glove to chest which has helped out a lot.

I just want to know if there is anything that the experts on this forum see that might help him. Thanks.

i don’t see him rushing his delivery, I do notice the issue about the glove side, pulling the glove more toward the chest or even a little farther back would be great.

He has good balance in the post, could use a bit more hip drive (hersheiser drill) as he moves toward home.

Position on the foot strike is good and body position looks good here. He could work on his finish position where his right wrist should end up just above his left knee, this will help in his ability to field his position and pull the ball to the plate better.

As others have mentioned, get a wider base at the set. Re: glove action, you might also keep an eye on the glove itself, one too large for his body can be hard to manage through the motion. At finish, I would encourage him not to rush through…or walk off…hold the finish, and really emphasize the rotation over a firm left leg.

He appears to be very athletic, don’t instruct too much that you lose that … most of all have fun with it, great times!

Thanks for the great suggestions. We have included some of the tips gained on this forum and it has already heped. He is also picking up velocity because they grow so fast at this age.

Any further comments are welcome.

Not much wrong there. I would tweak his starting position as follows…

(1) Feet positioned about armpit width apart. Too close together and he’ll trip over his own feet when he spins throw to 1B. (He may not have to worry about runners now depending on what forum he plays in but he will eventually.)

(2) Feet positioned with back toe aligned with front arch. This staggered position aids going into knee lift without posture changes (e.g. leaning back).

(3) Slight bend in the knees and waist. A more athletic position aids in performing an athletic movement with minimal unnecessry head (and posture) movement.

These changes will set him up with a good foundation to build on.

EDIT: Corrected typo in (2) - meant to say withOUT posture changes.

All that makes sense. We will start working that in our workouts. We appreciate it.