Anthony's mechanics-lower half opens early-any suggestions

Why do you make that assertion?

What sort of issues is he encountering or is there something you feel he’s lacking?
I see a little glove side weakness…I expect you’d like to see more velocity and I’d expect he gets less accurate as he gets to laboring.
What grade is he in? Got to feed us a bit more than your title. He’s just about equal and opposite at footplant so I’d start by getting that glove side into a more stable position.

When I slow down the video frame by frame, he is opening up his lower half
during his stride( way before foot plant). His front toe and hip open early to the point that I think he is not driving with his back leg as much as he could. Also his front knee flexes toward first at shoulder rotation and his knee has no extension until after ball release. This causes his ball to be released way before his front knee. I think he throws all arm and not using his lower body correctly. As far as details about him; He is 18yrs old, freshman in college. FB 85-87, touches 89. Throws a very “heavy” ball with very late movement(four seam). He generally has very low pitch counts for seven innings (under 90)., no problems with control or fatigue. I think I see what he is doing wrong, looking for solution without “screwing him up”. I’m sure his college coaches will work with him on his mechanics. Just wanted to know if I am just seeing things or not.
Thank you

Pretty sure everyone opens the lower half before foot plant… Otherwise people would fall over or hurt themselves from their hips rotating into a wall. I dont see anything wrong with the picture lower half wise.

I agree with JD he does have a little weakness with his glove side. He could firm up his glove side.

As far as opening early he looks pretty good. Yes his hips and leg are opening but his shoulders are staying closed off.

And yet you see something wrong? I would say he’s doing pretty good. Overanalysis can do more harm than good. If a problem arises, I’m certain his coaches will address it.

I have read the old posts on explanations of a" heavy fastball". Any new thoughts? I’m not talking about sinkers but a four seam fastball that pounds the heck out of your hand.