anthony rizzo pitching

I’m sorry but I can not upload the videos from youtube on here…I will keep trying…but in the meantime…I was hoping I could get comments
about my son’s pitching. He is 15 yrs old and a sophomore. Please
look under anthony pitching on youtube under cjrizzo1 videos.
thank you

Real hard to see his feet Carl, my impressions are that he’s weak on his front side but the angle and that backstop bar make it really difficult to really analyze meaningfully.
Invest in a tri-pod you won’t regret it and the best angles for analysis are front on and (On a righty) third base side.
He looks like a pitcher…my college coach friends all contend it is a large portion in the making of a pitcher.

By the way…welcome and I hope you get some help and ideas from our little community here.

thank you jdfromfla, i appreciated the help and the comment…will due…
I due have more video of him but i would need help uploading it again…
thanks again

Bring it on.
It looked to me that you weren’t copying the entire address, hi-lite the whole thing, right click and choose copy, bring it here, at a curser right click and paste, then hi-lite and hit the YouTube button, then walk away.

jdfromfla, could you please help me out with the two other videos on youtube. I just can not get it…thank you in advance

Carl, the front side is “loose”, what I mean is the glove arm flails…and drops and falls away (As best I can see, the vids do challenge).
What I’d like to see is him keep it more in front of him (Stabilizes and allows momentum to flow to the target).

I have a vid on the tube of several drills that work on this…I’ve posted it on here a bunch so just search me (jdfromfla) on YouTube and it’s titled “Workin With Rick”.

oh and you are welcome glad to help.