Answer this question please

pEOPLE always say to throw with a rag loose arm and that will give me maximum velocity

I can whip my arm very fast but they ball still doesnt come out 95 mph or even 85

but when i throw with a firm stiff strong arm i hit high 80’s even a 90


What I heard is that Dick Mills says that loose/overstretched arm is actually equal to overstretched rubber band. Overstretch rubber band, as you know, doesn’t give a lot of elastic power. I don’t know if this has to do with this though…

Raw Talent, I believe that is for pitchers who are struggling on their mechanics and don’t have much velocity. If your already throwing high 80s I can’t see that making you throw into the 90s. I think your gifted already and that one of those little quick fixes won’t work on someone of your caliber.