Another workout question

okay so i have a class in the day called strenth
i have it first period so all i do in it is workout
unfortunately it is only for about 35 minutes so i cant get a really good workout in

so i come in everyday after school also…
i HAVE to do something in class in order to pass
but i dont wanna base my main workout in it b/c its too short

so how do i balance it?
monday - legs and wrists
tuesday - running
wed - arms
thurs - legs and wrists
friday - running

should i do half my workouts during class and then half after school?

If you can’t a good workout in 35 minutes then you are doing something wrong. You might have to switch to a no rest circuit style, but it’s definately doable. Take 5-6 exercises, go from one to the next without resting in between. You should be able to go through the circuit one time in about 8 minutes. If you rest a couple minutes in between circuits, then you should be able to complete 3 trips through the circuit in 35 minutes (with time to cooldown at the end).
This would be a basic example of exercise selection (reps can vary based on what you are working on/ what weight you use).

DB Bench (you can sub in pushups if there isnt an open bench)
BB Squat (sub box jumps if no open squat rack)
Bent over rows
Lunges with DB’s (depending on if you want 5 or 6 exercises per circuit).

You might have to drop weight or reps in later circuits to account for how tired you’ll be, but it’s good to work on pushing through fatigue and lactic acid buildup. If you want to do specific core work, I’d add it on later in the day.