Another topic about protein

I have used protein in the past but the kinds I had tasted like crap, so I was wondering if it all taste this bad or are there any good kinds I could buy.

Did you mix with water or skim milk?
Also, what kind(s) did you use?

I used skim milk the brands were- Next Proteins designer whey vanilla, optium nutrition chocolate, and a wal-mart brand.

Hmm… I use Optimum Nutrition chocolate and I think it tastes pretty good mixed with milk. The only other one I can think of would be something like Muscle Milk, which is more expensive but is supposed to taste better.

I’ve tried a fair number of proteins and often add various things to help mask the taste, although there are definitely some better and worse than others.

Muscle milk is probably the best I’ve tried. The secret to their taste is actually the canola oil. They market it as “lean lipids” but I mean it’s pretty much just a scheme to make the fat in it acceptable to people wanting to not gain weight. Great taste, I actually feel kinda cruddy if I drink it fast though.

I’ve gone through probably 10 pounds of Optimum and didn’t think it was to bad. Tried the Chocolate, Vanilla, and Milk Chocolate.
Chocolate was fine with me, I almost always add some nesquik, ovaltine, or hersey’s syrup to it though. Vanilla is fine as well and blends in a fruit smoothie nicely. Milk Chocolate was fine but had an AWFUL aftertaste, maybe I just got a bad batch, bought some right after it came out, as most people seem to love it. The AAs in Optimum are pretty solid.

EAS Vanilla is pretty decent, it has more concentrate than Optimum so if your stomach doesn’t respond well it may not be the best. I bought a 6 pound bag because of the insanely cheap price for name brand stuff.
6 pounds for 25 dollars. (90 servings of 23g protein). Taste is very similar to Optimum’s vanilla.

EAS Myoplex taste pretty good, but they have a weird aftertaste, probably from all the vitamins and minerals in it.

Nature’s Best Isopure is great stuff. It’s completely different from regular protein as it’s flavored like a fruit drink. There’s a slightly weird aftertaste but it’s light and pretty good tasting. It’s way to expensive for me generally but I found some marked down for a dollar per bottle, can’t beat that.

Generally my experience is that the more Isolate in it the better the taste, Isopure is pure isolate. Although most proteins are both concentrate and isolate as concentrate is signifcantly cheaper to produce.

I’ve heard Calcium Caceinate (sp?) is a great tasting protein powder in all different brands, haven’t tried it myself as it’s a bit more pricey than plain old whey.
And finally, I haven’t tried it myself but I hear all the time that Biotest’s Surge has an excellent taste. Biotest is a great company IMO.

I’m not incredibly fond of protein powders myself so I’ve found a ton of different ways to mask the taste with stronger things.
If your using vanilla protein, some orange juice is actually not bad. (Sounds weird but hey I like it). For vanilla I almost always mix in some fruit (fresh or frozen).

For chocolate I use several different things, aren’t the healthiest but if it’s post workout the sugar will burn up quickly and is possibly beneficial:
any chocolate syrup, hot cocoa powder, fruit.

If I’m just having protein and milk I drink it rather fast to be honest. And often have something I’m snacking on to clear my palette.