Another Slow Motion Clip Of Tim Lincecum

Crazy, he must have really strong obliques to pull off what he does after foot plant.

One of the keys to his success at such a small frame is the speed at which he moves to the plate; because so many people try to dissect his delivery, most of the clips we see are in slo-mo. Watch in real time and see how fast he moves his body! The other thing to really appreciate is his incredibly late arm action - he gets his body moving fast and explosively to the plate and his arm just follows along well after landing. Compare this to most kids who post their videos here and you will see how early they get their arms involved.

I think a thing that a lot of people fail to comment on, is the insight he and his dad had to have to get his head cleared and still for such a very high arm slot…many who have such a high slot fail at that and end up clearing the head while in delivery…and generally end up having accuaracy and other issues. It was imo brilliant to recognize that he had great control of the chain AND great seperation with this arm slot and getting his head out of the way immediately allows for no head violence. Cyx2 and very possibly more to ensue 8)



Spine (Lumbar)

* Flexion [1, 2]
      o Both Sides 
* Rotation
      o Rotation right [Left 1, Right 2]
      o Rotation left [Right 1, Left 2] 
* Lateral Flexion
      o Lateral flexion right [Right 1, Right 2]
      o Lateral flexion left [Left 1, Left 2] 
* Intra-abdominal Pressure [1, 2] 

I would say you would need some really strong obliques to throw hard along with everything else in your body. I know everybody wants to focus on the Hips but if you have a weak torso you won’t be able to transfer the power generated up to the arm. There are a lot of pitchers that don’t get really fast to foot plant but throw over 90mph. Why do you think pitchers and hitters injure their obliques? They obviously use them a lot.