Another problem

I really want to workout consistently everyday, but I got school, then I’m too tired after school so I take nap from like 3-5. Then on weekends I work like 6-8 hours on saturday and 3 on sunday, so sunday is probably my best day. Any suggestions on a workout plan that can fit my time?

Just try getting more sleepin during the night and mabe you wont have to take a nap. Although I am not a strength coach I can tell yoyu some of the exercises we do here in school for pitching.

Rotator Cuff Work (5lb or less)
Abs (250-300 reps) alternating exercises
Dumb-Bell Bench
Hang Snatch
Front Squat
Medicine Ball Work
Back Extensions
Dumb Bell Incline
Inverted Rows



Run long distance the day after you throw (around 30min) and we normally go:

Day After - Run 30min
2 days after - 15 3/4 polls (sprint 3/4 of the way from pole to pole then walk)
3 days after - 60 yd sprints (10ish)
4 days after - Full Polls at about 60%
Day Before you pitch - 30yd sprints, mixed with a little backward sprints and karaoke

Hope this helps

IF you need anything more explained to you, although I am not a weight coach I would be glad to tell you out weight program.


if you really want to be serious about working out you’re going to have to quit napping. one day a week wont get it done.

Ryan Tatusko (RTusk40) has some great exercises listed in a previous post that could certainly benefit you this off-season.

As for the napping part: my friend, Scott, a strength and conditioning specialist at the International Performance Institute in Bradenton, Fla. where I trained in college and professional baseball during the offseason, said a 5-10 minute nap is just as good as the 2 hour one you’re taking now.

He said that the body just needs to shut down, but doesn’t need to shut down longer than 5-10 minutes during the middile of the day.

Of course, another remedy for the need for naps during the day is going to bed a little earlier at night. Athletes need more sleep than the general public. If you’re serious about being an athlete, then it may be a good idea to get serious about how much sleep you get at night.

what types of food are you eating for breakfeast? or during lunch at school…

what you eat could definetly be contributing to your lack of energy