Another One

well today I got my 2nd MRI in the last year. The first one wasn’t really clear so hoepfully this one will do the trick. The dr is trying to find wt the pain is in my elbow…he has narrowed it down to either my ulna nerve or my MCL in my elbow. Hopefully its just my nerve which the surgery recovery time is only about 6-8 weeks. if its the MCL I could be down 1 YEAR!!! YIKES!!! keeping fingers crossed :frowning:

Hey man, were does it hurt you?
In other words , What are the symptoms?
i think i have the same thing too. I think

it hurts when i get my arm up at a 90 degree angle and accelerate forward. in the morning my arm is real stiff and sore. but i havent had tingling in the pinky finger at all…thats the main symtpom of your ulna nerve being hampered by something.

do you experience a numbness in your pinkey finger and ring finger at any point? If so, it’s almost for sure your ulnar nerve.

If the MRI comes back clean, and you don’t have any numbness in those two fingers, than it’s likely tendinitis, which can sideline you for a little while, but with drugs, and maybe some physical therapy should correct itself quickly.

The other two are more serious… but the MCL is very tricky in particular. I personally got four opinions on my torn MCL, 2 of which told me i was wasting time not rushing into surgery, and 2 of which thought i should try and rehab it aggressively. I went the rehab route (recommended by Jim Andrews actually) and so far so good… it takes a lot out of you, it’s frustrating, and at times it seems as if it’s not doing much… but i’m getting close to being back to full playing form… and i only tore it about 5 months ago.