Another Offseason question

Not a big question just seeing what you guys have to say my summer season ends July 17th and i move into college Septemeber 2nd my question all of you is should i take like 2 weeks or more off from throwing and then start up again right before going of to school or two consistently till then? I really havent had any arm problems over the course of the two seasons get around 75 IP over the 2 not as much as id like but i managed. What do you guys all think rest the ole arm for a bit or keep on trucking my way through

Personally, I wouldn’t stop throwing.

Taking time off for your arm should be during the off-season, you’re not quite there yet. You need to keep throwing to maintain all the arm strength you’ve gained throughout the season.

I would be sure to keep your long toss going and try to do extended bullpens of 50 pitches or so to stay sharp. You’re going to want to be at your best come time for fall ball at college.


Exactly what i was thinking thanks im not blessed with having someone to throw to often but thats what nets are for gonna try to get in as much throwing as possible to keep the ole arm nice and strong. Thanks for the advice

You’re welcome Augie. Good luck!