Another new dad

I have two sons 9 and 10. Both kids work hard at the game but the older one is a little wild when pitching . He pitches from the wind up and the other from the stretch. The 9 year is more consistent. My question is at this age are they better off both pitching from the stretch to learn better mechanics.

I see many different kinds of windup nowadays—the old-school full windup, the no-windup such as Don Larsen used in his perfect game, the stretch, just about everything except standing on one’s head! Personally, I think both kids would do well to learn to pitch from both the full windup and the stretch, because most pitchers seem to be using both, and it would be a good idea to learn the proper mechanics for each one that way. In my playing days I did it both ways—no problem. :baseballpitcher:

Thanks. I agree that they should learn both. I guess should at least with the one that is struggling a little try to simplify things by doing stretch first and then move to wind up later when he is able to learn good rotation and release point.

First, welcome!

I find that a lot of times young kids emulate what they see others do. It’s fun for them. And in that light, I don’t like to take the fun away. But I will sometimes have young pitcher tone it down a bit if their wind-up is a bit extreme.