Another Injury

Alright, so I started throwing for a month or two after coming off of a fractured elbow. It was all good until last week, I started feeling pain in my shoulder. Turns out I have an irritated growth plate, due to growing like 6-7 inches in the 6 months off during the elbow injury. The doctor says I shouldn’t pitch and should only play RF. What should I do?
A.) Completely shut down my arm.
B.) Play RF and limit my throwing.

I am assuming that since it’s your growth plate then you are between 12 and 17 so you still have a lot of baseball ahead of you in your life, since your are saying that it’s an irritated growth plate then it’s different than a seperation of the growth plate. I would make sure that treatment with running after throwing, ice to keep down swelling, anti-inflamatories to keep swelling down and limit throwing. There is a process to get you back into throwing that includes throwing as part of the rehab, I am sure the dr. gave you some indication about stretching and other things to get your rehab going.

According to my doctor, it severe enough of an injury to require rehab. But yes I’ve been stretching it out, icing, etc.

Then I would start my rehab right now, the rehab professional that you go to should be able to design a course of action that includes what you do outside, such as playing/notplaying. I would look around and see if there is a pitching instructor close to you that has experience rehabing injuries such as yours, that peson can also give you good advice as to what your particular situation needs to get back to pitching.

Oh meant to say doesn’t require rehab… That’s what I get for reading over what I typed…