Another elbow

Righty pitcher.
Heres the story
I was at my friends house and we were playing basketball on a 6 foot hoop (yeah thats real high…) and i smashed my elbow pretty hard into the metal pole. then we did a game of incredible catch or whatever and i landed elbow first on it. Then it was man hunt and i hit my elbow against the house when hiding and it was a pretty loud hit to. That happened on Saturday or Sunday (probably Saturday) and they said my elbow was pretty swolen (didnt look bad to me) compared to the other.
and it has been borthering me but not horrible. today i hit it against the wood by the window at my school today 2nd period and it bothered me more for the rest of the day. im home now its hurting on and off randomly and i did my pitching motion (we have a game saturday and sunday and i’m a pitcher on the team. he said i’m the second pitcher which i guess means i’ll either pitch relief saturday or start sunday. not really sure) And on my pitching motion i can feel pain (not a lot) when i bring my arm back and more (its not horrible but it still hurts) when i release the ball to the end of the follow through.

All help wanted. Thanks.

I would talk to your coach. But man, be nice to your elbow. Put ice on it and see what happens tomorrow.

And you wonder why they call it the “funnybone”—there’s nothing funny about what happens when you hit it on something or it gets hit by something. Put ice on it, and tomorrow talk to your coach or manager and tell him what happened and whether you can at least go a couple of innings. Maybe you can be used in relief.