Another elbow pain question

I know there are several but none seem to really match my case exactly.
First of all I (at the moment) cannot go visit a doctor or orthopedic professional, I just don’t have the money for it.

But anyways, I’m 19 and haven’t pitched really since little league, but I really have wanted to get back into it, and have tried recently. I’ll admit I’m out of shape which I’ve read is a possible reason but I’m still not sure. Also I haven’t been conditioning for throwing or anything, I just workout and do some warm ups and try to practice throwing again. Well every time I go out and throw I seem to get elbow pain mostly in the bottom and inside of my elbow, but it kind of spreads all the way around the elbow. Even when I try to correct the arm motion, windup, arm angle, and even grip nothing seems to stop it. It hurts on pretty much every throw.

I guess I should also note that the pain didn’t start while pitching, it kind of happened one or two times last year while frisbee golfing. I was doing over the top throws and it started to hurt really bad after one of the times. It doesn’t happen every time I frolf but usually if I make a bad throw or something and tweak it, by the end of the course I almost have throbbing pain. I never have had any experience with elbow pain at all while pitching or at any other time.

That’s why I have a hard time believing a tendon is injured or something like that…but does this sound like anything anyone else has had? I’ve read it could be thrower’s elbow or tendinitis but I don’t know…but yeah I’m open for more questions about it or whatever…

All help is appreciated.