Another coach suggestion

coach told me to pause at the top of my motion for 2 seconds :expressionless:

i was throwing up and in (RHB) with no batter standing there but it was from flatground

this time it could cost me playing time if i dont listen

what do i do?

well first listen to him but when you get in the game throw how you like to and hopefully he will be impressed. I have nothing else to say accept for that your ccoach does not know what hes talking about

That coach is talking through his tuchis.
I remember one day I was watching Ed Lopat conduct a workshop for high-school pitchers. He was spending a good deal of time with one kid who was all messed up because, among other things, he didn’t know where his release point should be. The kid was a junior in high school, and he had the misfortune to have a coach who was a child’s garden of misinformation, and it had gotten to the point where he was thinking of giving up on the game altogether. The patient Mr. Lopat worked with him and got him squared away with his mechanics, and he told the kid not to pay any attention to that coach.
And then Lopat made a sudden motion with his hand and said, "And this is what you do with a mosquito."
So I’m passing this bit of advice along to this kid—when you get out there on the mound, pitch the way you’re used to doing, be comfortable, and throw strikes! And if your coach doesn’t like it, he can lump it, as the old saying goes. :stuck_out_tongue: