Another 12 - mechanics/advice

Any advice or comments on mechanics from the experts here - much appreciated.

It appears af if you may be trying to immitate lincecum? For a 12 year old you are fairly advanced. My advice to you would be to improve ur hip lead and staying closed til landing ( glove shoulder at catcher). Drills for you would be hershiser drill, hookems, also for staying closed start closed in a staggered postion then just throw from that position to get accustomed to the feel. Also longtoss to maximium distance one or two times a week( throw it as far as possible) then a bullpen to finsih the session, do tubing for arm healthy after then run and do negative throws.

Thanks cagun for the drills and conditioning advice. I don’t know the hookem drill - do you have a link or quick description? (I did a quick search, but didn’t find it.)

Wasn’t trying to immitate Lincecum - maybe the leg sweeping out looks that way.

No problem, you dont want the leg to sweep. As a matter of fact try not to think of using the legs so to speak, you want to think ab out driving ur hips, so i tell myself that i want to take my right buttcheck as far as i can can to the catcher and stay closed. Hook em has a few variations the basic one is you take ur left leg and hook it behind ur right leg and drive your right leg like your going to pitch then before u land left leg will ofcourse come back out infront. Their is the bauer hook em whcih is same except he kick left leg out then drives home simultaneously. Look up treovr bauer on youtube he would be a great guy for you to watch. Lincecum has many flaws bauer is far more polsihed mechanically.

That’s quite a statement about a guy that’s won 2 out of the last 3 Cy Youngs in the NL- not to mention a pretty solid 2010 playoffs resulting in a World Series championship. Oh yea- he happened to defeat the 2008 AL Cy Young winner Cliff Lee twice in that series. Not wanting to hijack the thread but would you care to elaborate on the “many flaws” of Tim Lincecum?

Tim is a great pitcher - my favorite current pitcher, in fact, but he does have some quirks in his delivery that I would not recommend anyone try to emulate. For example, he over-rotates, swings his leg into landing, and he lands across the midline. His extreme over the top delivery is something that I also think can get kids in to trouble if that is not their natural arm slot. Nor can everyone replicate his “dangling” arm action. He does have impeccable timing and his arm action is super-late, he also moves incredibly fast to the plate, has great back leg drive and an awesome stride - and those are the things kids should pay attention to.

Hmm, I’d say Bauer swings his leg pretty violently:

In fact, I’d say he does it just as much as Lincecum does. I consider this move a rotation into footplant and pretty important for generating velocity.

I do agree with cagunheat15 in respect to not emulating Lincecum too much. His arm action is lightning quick and impossible to pull off for 99% of the population. Bauer has a far more compact and what I consider “efficient” arm action.

OP, in the clip you posted it seems like you “circle-up” with your arm action. As soon as you come to peak leg lift, think of:

  1. Breaking the hands with the elbows as opposed to vice-versa
  2. Leading a bit more with the hips (see Bauer/Koufax)
  3. Getting more of a follow through (this is an intent issue, look up the Jaeger long toss “pulldown”. Also may be due to lack of hamsrong flexability.)
  4. Doing all of this as fast as you can.

Good luck!

In summary, if you are going to copy someone, let it be Bauer.

Why copy Bauer? He is almost identical to Lincecum - except with a few additional flaws. The leg swinging into landing has nothing to do with velocity and not recommended for kids to do… why not just get the leg going straight sideways toward the target and stay on a line? It’s much easier to land on the midline and all of the momentum is moving directly toward the plate.

You have given the OP some very good suggestions, however (and he looks absolutely nothing like Lincecum, I don’t know why someone would suggest he is trying to copy him).

7Steps, thanks for the suggestions.

I had noticed the lack of follow through. In the slow mo, I see that he tends to bounce back upright as soon as he releases. But I had not tied that issue to tight hamstrings - which is on target.

structuredoc, you are right that there was no intention of imitating Lincecum or Bauer. I guess the leg swing got comments moving in that direction. You mentioned that staying on line is better to generate all the momentum toward the target. Perhaps the leg swing is what’s causing him to fall off toward the first base side in the follow through? It does seem like he’s keeping his hips closed despite the leg swing.

Do you have any thoughts on his timing? Thanks.