this isnt really a pitching-related injury, but i had a pretty nasty injury wednesday night when i attempted to steal 2nd. i took off because the pitched balked(he came set, then lifted his front foot like he was gonna go home and then sat it back down but the umpire never called the balk) so i ran to 2nd and the pitcher stepped off the back and threw to the shortstop and he came out and blocked the base and my ankle got caught under his knee and my ankle bent backwards too far. well i passed out for about 30 seconds and then my mom and dad(coach) ran out on the field to check on me and it took me about 10 minutes to get off the field. well i never went to see a doctor but theres no pain at all in my ankle and no more swelling. but for some reason my ankle points outward whenever i run and even when i’m just standing around. anyone have a cluewhy my ankle is doing this?

Dude go see a doctor.

I was playing third last night and there was a pass ball kinda close to the catcher and he stole and our catcher didn’t throw. He went to slide then his coach was like up up up and he got all confused and did some weird like sorta a pop-up slide but he didn’t do it near the base he slid where he normally would and instead of letting his body slide he jumped right back up. I turned to him I’m like that was the coolest slide I’ve ever seen hes like yea but it hurt like hell his ankle must have been so jammed after that.