Angle of wrist before throw


My name is Brian Beers. I am a pitcher at Arkansas Baptist College in Litte Rock Arkansas and I created an account here to expand my knowledge about my position and reach my full potential. My first post is a question about my wrist position. My coach said my two seam will replace my four seam for the spring season so I’m working the pitch. I have good run inside with a spin rate of 2,100-2,250. Here is a still image of my arm just before I throw, what are your thoughts on the position of my wrist? My pitching coach said it should be straighter because this is how pitchers throw screwballs and it could lead to elbow pain


What’s your two seam spin rate compared to your 4 seam ? Should be lower, can kill spin with a looser grip. Do you notice a difference in feel between straight wrist and how it is now ?


I didn’t notice this until two days ago, I have practice this morning. I will throw with a straighter wrist and be back with some feedback in a couple hours


Any info? If you have access to a rapsodo a bullpen playing around with that and a slow motion camera on your throwing hand at release could help here


I threw a bullpen two days ago and went into it with intent to keep my wrist straight. My fastball velo went up and my curveball was significantly faster. I felt more spring in my fastball release and much faster arm speed on my curveball. My school does have a rapsodo. When my coach shows me my rapsodo results I will post them


During my bullpen my coach said my curveball had an MLB spinrate. I caught a glimpse of the ipad and the number was over 2,300 by less than 100


Average mlb 93-94mph 4seam has a spin rate around 2240-2300rpm. If you throw slower than that and have comparible spin you would be high spin. If you’re high spin you shouldn’t switch to two seam because that will kill spin. MLB average curveball is 2280 rpm at 78.2mph. Generally less finger pressure kills rpm and more finger pressure ups rpm. More friction on ball higher spin usually. If you have two high spin offerings like you say you do I would opt for your third pitch to be lowspin. Split change.


At the same bullpen my coach told me to stick to my four seam because of its natural tail. Before that bullpen I had strictly been throwing two seams