Andy's Progress

Hey guys Im Andy Jones and I decided to start my own log to show my progress. Sadly, I have had tendonitis for 5 months but it is getting better. I hope it will be back to normal before tryouts.
Anyways, here is my info:

Age 15
Hieght 5"9
Wieght 124 lbs
4sm fastball low 70s
2sm fastball around 70
Curveball mid 50s
Changeup low 50s
I just met with a pitching instructor and altered my mechanics, which I believe were a big part of my injury. I was able to throw without pain in my elbow. I hope to start lessons with him soon.

Today I had physical therapy which went ok. I had some pain in the elbow, which has been off and on today. I told my physical therapist about my mechanic problem and I worked on it a little bit. Other than that I did a few light arm excercises, Tom House video, some core strength excercises and threw a little bit. Overall a below average day.

“Today I had physical therapy which went ok. I had some pain in the elbow, which has been off and on today. I told my physical therapist about my mechanic problem and I worked on it a little bit. Other than that I did a few light arm excercises, Tom House video, some core strength excercises and threw a little bit. Overall a below average day”

Hey man! Like the name! Got a son carries it too…he pitches also 8) .

I’ll tell ya, coming back from injury is a lonely time. All of your buddies are out “doin” stuff. Keep in mind that it’s important to get completely back to “right”. A 15 yr old thinks he’s bullet proof so to speak. Listen carefully to all of the people who are trying to help right now so you can heal completely…and with the new mechs be stronger. Most of all and easiest to forget about is your parents…or whoever has to haul you to the doctor and physical therapist…keep in mind they are going through this with you and try to remember how thoughtful they are and how tough it is for a parent to go through this too…I’m sure they want you to do the thing you love and are concerned big time about your injury. Make sure you can communicate what you need, by way of treatment or therapy and make sure you can tell them honestly about your pain, where it is and how intense it is…this is very important Andy!
You have my best wishes on a speedy recovery so you can get back at it. It’s great that you are using your time wisely and watching that House video…he really is outstanding when it comes to arm health issues…learn all you can and if you don’t understand something he says, ask Roger or Laflippen or NPA Pitcher on the forums, they are all great guys and are affiliated with House in one way or another.

Hey thanks a lot jdfromfla! I know exactly what you are saying. It is tough to see all my friends out there throwing hard and working out. Yes I am very thankful my parents are willing to spend the money and drive me to these places. It feels good to know that there are some others out there who really want me to get better! :smiley:

So today was a lot better than yesterday. My arm only felt sore a little during computer apps class when I had to type. It felt a little stiff then, but other than that pretty good. I also threw a little in my garage, which felt pretty good, but I stopped once I felt a little soreness in my elbow. After that I iced it. If anyone happens to read this, do you reccomend Icy Hot for my elbow?

Icy hot doesnt really do too much, it may dull the pain for a short period of time. Maybe thats what your looking for. In that case, go to GNC or walgreens or any store like that and get Tiger Balm. It is just like icy hot only it works better and longer. I’ve used it for the last 2 years. I must also warn you, it stinks. Icy hot and Tiger balm, along with bengay and other creams stink. They have a very, very strong scent that sticks around for a while.

Haha thanks Bosox. I have smelled Icy Hot and I agree it does stink :puke:

O ya by the way, jdfromfla, I’m assuming when you said your son’s name was Andy also, that you were talking about the one you posted a video of on this site. If it is, how hard was he throwing when he was 15 and how big was he. If your wondering why, I am just curious because he looks like an amazing pitcher. :lol:

Hes just at 6’…and when he was 16 he was clocked at 86. He wasn’t clocked at 15. He is a good pitcher…but its all hard work on his part. And desire :smiley:

wow 86 is fast :o I hope to get to that speed if I grow a little and fill out. Im guessing he was low 80s then when he was my age

One of the reasons your log caught my attention was that Andy was injured his summer going to be a freshman, hurt his labrium. So you can see that if you stay on course this is something that you will get past and won’t necessarily hurt your future. I just want to encourage you. Don’t worry about getting faster, you will get faster as you condition and grow past puberty. Work on work ethic and mechanics and having fun. Stuff will fall into place.

Ya I’m supposed to grow till tim 21 or 22, so I hope I can pick up a little speed from growth. Yesterday, I had Physical therapy. My physical therapist had me do some leg and core strengthening and a couple of arm excercises. We are starting to do more core stuff so my small muscles don’t have to do as much work. Right after physical therapy, I went straight to baseball workouts for my high school. We ran a mile in the hall ways and then the pitchers threw some, which I played light catch. My arm felt pretty good but a little sore at the end. Once I got home I iced it.

I didnt do much today. I just came home and did some stretches and later on iced it a little. Id say it felt about average today. I just have to be careful not to do too much and make the tendonitis worse.

Today was about the same as yesterday except I played a little ping pong to keep up that hand eye coordination :smiley: I also iced and put on some icy hot. Im really trying to rest my arm this weekend and see what happens.

Today and yesterday was basically just icing and rest. The tendonitis has improved a little.

Had physical therapy today. Did mostly light arm exercises and a bunch of stretching. Arm felt sore but iced I iced it and put on icy hot.

Im ecstatic!!! Today we had a cancelation and I threw some. I got up to throwing pretty hard with hardly any soreness in my arm!!! Other than that, I did lots of stretching. My plan is to throw and do normal stuff with lots of stretching and gradually get up to 100%.
P.S. I posted a video of my mechs today so go comment them!!!

These last couple of days have gone pretty well. I had physical therapy yesterday which my arm was a little sore, but I iced it. After that I went to my school’s workout. I was able to throw pretty hard without pain. Today I threw a little bit, just soft catch

Well, today just might be the official end to my tendonitis, although its a sad ending, if that makes sense. This morning, I had my final visit with the sports doctor. With tryouts next week, he said the final option is a steroid shot. Although I wish it could have healed naturally, Im just glad its gone, (hopefully). It should take about two days with pain until the tendonitis is gone.

First day of tryouts were today. First we split into three groups. We had limited space, because the track team took up the hallways. So one group threw and fielded grounders, while one group hit upstairs and one waited. I felt really good throwing, I have a little soreness in the arm, but it doesn’t get any worse when throwing. Hitting was the only problem. I didn’t do too well hitting. Oh well, tomorrow pitchers will break off into a group and I think I will do pretty good. The first cut is tommorrow after the tryout.

Second day of tryouts were today. It was about the same thing, only pitchers and catchers stayed afterwards. I did pretty good all around today, making good contact off the pitching machine. Once again, I can tell that the tendonitis is still there, but it really doesnt’ bother me anymore. I was able to throw 100%.
Pitching afterwards: Coaches charted how many strikes out of 20 pitches we threw. I lost track but I’d say around 15 strikes, not bad but not great either. I don’t think I mentioned it, but there are 40 sophemores/freshman trying out this year, so I am pretty freakin nervous right now. First cuts are going to be posted tommorrow morning.