Andy Pettite's Mechanics

I would just like to know what your thoughts are on Andy Pettite’s Mechanics. I basically taught myself how to pitch by watching his mechanics and mimicking them. They work out fine for me so far but what are your thoughts? 8)

Pettite has really fine mechanics, he is really strong and has great command and is a really good student of the game and batters. Zita will tell you how intimidating he is and the way my 14 year old pitches I think he at least got this from watching him (he is a big yankees fan).

solid mechanics

Andy Pettitte reminded me a lot of Allie Reynolds—a power pitcher with finesse. I watched him many times when he pitched for the Yankees, and he never failed to amaze me. His mechanics were indeed solid. But what really got me was the intimidation factor. There was a whole long thread about “putting fear in the minds of the hitters”, and everybody had something to say about that, but no one ever thought to mention Mr. Pettitte until now.
Here’s what he used to do when he took the mound, especially when he was facing a dangerous hitter. He would look in to get the sign from the catcher—and he pulled his cap down low over his forehead, and the lower half of his face was concealed by his glove, so all the batter could see were his eyes. He would look in at the hitter—and there was that stare. It was the most menacing thing I had ever seen, and that was all the batter could see…
We’re all going to miss it. But Andy Pettitte has chosen to retire, so he can spend his time with his family, watch the kids grow up, and we must respect his decision. 8)

Thanks for all these replies. it makes me feel good that i taught myself from watching pettite

I also love his mechanics… and played against him when I was playing for the Daytona Cubs and he was doing a rehab stint with the Tampa Yankees in the Florida State League. He held us to 1 run through 5 innings, but we scratched out a 2-1 win late in the game.

The one thing that stood out to me (and remember, this was back in 2002) was his big his butt and legs were. Much bigger in person than on TV. Anyways, that’s certainly one of many games that really stand out. (Stinebrenner was in the stands that day, too :slight_smile:

I also mimick Andy pettite to a degree, well atleast until recently. I still try to keep similar leg work but I have dropped anything that was similar to his arm. You have to remember that he is a massive individual and doesn’t need to use his arm. I advise you to use more arm whip then we does unless you too are absolutely huge if you plan on playing baseball at a higher level.

Andy Pettitte knew about “The Secret”.
I had picked up on that a long time ago when watching how the Yankees’ legendary Big Three rotation did it. Basically, it consisted of getting the whole body into the action, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion, thus generating more power behind the pitches—and taking a lot of pressure off the arm and the shoulder so they could throw harder and faster with less effort. I don’t know how or where Pettitte learned about that, but learn it he did. He was a power pitcher with finesse, and he made the most of it, and he won a lot of games for the Yankees in the process. 8) :slight_smile: