Andrew White pitching analysis


Andrew is 11 years old and has played league ball since 2009 until 2 months ago when he was picked up by a travel team.


I’ll start but I’m by no means any sort of expert.

He needs to lengthen his stride to about 80% of his height (just a rough number but a good start).

He needs to keep his glove arm more in front of his body. He let’s it flop to the outside.

He needs to finish with his R hand near his left knee.

He needs to use his legs.

Andrew looks for all the world like a twin to a kid on my son’s TB team.


He looks like he’ll be a quarterback :wink: When he breaks his hands, he immediately gets up to high cocked position. In pitching this is bad because

This is exaggerated for effect how I explain it to kids. I say that you want to keep your throwing arm straight back until your stride foot is just about to touch. I want to be barely able to slip a piece of paper under that stride foot just before you step on it a fraction of a second before you get your arm up, but I don’t want to be able to slip two pieces under it :wink: I don’t really stand out there with a piece of paper and I never would, it’s just a mental image I want them to think about. Delay hand break and delay cocked position for as long as your body will allow without losing dynamic balance.

Getting the arm up too early strips power.